Rent your perfect holiday villa in sun-drenched Sicily

Holiday in Sicily for its diverse coastline, fabulous climate, alluring landscape and rich culture

Villas, apartments and holiday rentals in Sicily

Sicily is famous for its diverse coastline, historical sites, great restaurants and beautiful scenery. The island is dominated by Mount Etna, an active volcano over 3,300m high. Rent one of our luxurious Sicilian villas with its own pool or a beachfront apartment for a perfect family holiday.

Discover the best of Sicily from the privacy of your own villa. Explore the striking landscape, relax on a beach or visit some the many picturesque villages. Stay in one of our apartments in Taormina to enjoy amazing the beaches of Isola Bella. Or visit Trapani, a beautiful old city on Sicily’s western coast. If you’re after a more relaxing family holiday then rent one of our villas in Ragusa. But if vibrant street life and sandy beaches catch your fancy then renting one of our apartments in Palermo, Sicily’s capital, is a perfect option.

Villas in Sicily: key destinations

Apartments and villas in Palermo

Rent in Palermo, Sicily's capital, and enjoy the city's liveliness. Visit Palermo Cathedral, enjoy an opera at the Massimo Theatre or try an arancini, a delicious Siciilan treat.

Villas and apartments in Trapani

Rent in Trapani at the the west of Sicily and explore the charm of Castellammare and sandy beaches of San Vito Lo Capo. Trapani itself is a busy seaside city making its living from the sea.

Villas and apartments in Ragusa

Our villas and apartments in the province of Ragusa in the south of Sicily are ideal for exploring the historic cities of Modica and Scicli. For a more relaxing holiday try one of the beautiful sandy beaches in Pozzallo.

Villas in Syracuse

Rent a villa in the province of Syracuse in southeast Sicily and enjoy a quieter pace of life. Explore the historic cities of Syracuse and Noto, relax on one of Augusta's beaches or try the local red wine from Avola.

Villas and apartments in San Vito Lo Capo

Rent one of our villas in San Vito lo Capo, a little village in northwest Sicily, for a low-key holiday. Relax on the sandy beach with its clear blue waters, explore the Zingaro Nature Reserve or hike up Monte Monaco.

Villas in Agrigento

Rent a villa or apartment in the province of Agrigento and enjoy a holiday on Sicily's southwest coast. Explore the vineyards in Menfi, visit the port of Sciacca or enjoy the nightlife in Agrigento itself.

Apartments and villas in Taormina

Rent in the fashionable hillside town of Taormina on Sicily's eastern coast for a stylsh holiday. With Mount Etna as a backdrop and the Ionian sea beneath it is the perfect place to people watch, explore and relax.

Apartments and holiday rentals in Catania

Rent in Catania and enjoy a rich blend of history, culture and gastronomy. Catania is a historic port on Sicily's eastern coast and is perched at the base of Mount Etna.

Apartments and cottages in Giardini-Naxos

The bustling seaside resort Giardini-Naxos in eastern Sicily is famous for its nightlife. Rent in Giardini and explore the area: from its diverse coastline and lively bars to the Roman ruins and scenic views.