Where To Find The Best Vineyards In Sicily

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

We've heard through the grapevine that Sicily is great for vineyard-hopping. So if you like your holidays and, er wine, head for one of these sun-drenched vineyards in Sicily.  

1. Taormina

Take the coastal path towards Taormina, near Mount Etna, for a curious grape choice in an authentic setting. The vineyards here use locally grown but less-known grapes like the dark-skinned nerello cappuccio to make its majestic reds. Etna Vivera Winery will teach you all about how the volcanic soil of this high-elevation region contributes to the unique flavours. Situated on the slopes of Etna, it also gives you a headstart on getting up to up-and-coming Linguaglossa, whose wines are beginning to permeate in Sicilian restaurants and markets. 


2. Palermo

Immerse yourself in the wines of popular, Palermo. Alessandro di Camporeale offers a peaceful, grape-fuelled haven out of town, overlooking the panoramic Mandranova plains. With agriculture at its core, this vineyard boasts 99 years of experience in growing grapes and cultivating generations of passionate growers. Alessandro di Camporeale is also known for their abundant olive fields and extra virgin olive oils. 


3. Noto

Noto is a place wine lovers won't want to miss!  The Noto Valley Wine Route is one of the most famous wine routes, which zigzags through Noto's gorgeous countryside. This route will put you in the driver's seat to witness the meticulous grape plantation techniques needed to craft the divine local Muscats. 


4. Vittoria

The small, southeastern town of Vittoria is a rare fruity find, namely for its abundance of frappato. This ancient Silician red grape variety is grown across Sicily but particularly popular here, due to its warm, dry atmosphere and flat, limestone laid plains. Donnafugata is a big provider focused on producing the best grapes possible. Their off-the-beaten-track vineyards offer exemplary tasting itineraries with traditional Mediterranean dishes to boot. 


5. Syracuse

Nothing says holiday quite like enjoying a glass of wine in a vineyard by the sea. Between land and sea in Syracuse, you can see how things progress from grape to glass. One of the best vineyards in a great bunch here is Planeta Buonivini, which is home to a modern winery on a plush estate. Soak in the serene setting along as well as all the famous Planeta wine going 

Sample the local fruits, then stumble back to one of our many villas in Sicily