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Villas In Famagusta

Villas and apartments in Famagusta

Villas and apartments in Famagusta

Arguably one of Cyprus’ most fascinating districts, Famagusta offers a unique insight into the countries rich and captivating history. Once, it was regarded as one of the most glamorous resorts in the Mediterranean, boasting miles of clear white sand and beautiful azure shores, with a regal cultural scene full of art and music. After the infamous invasion some forty years ago, the once-soaring reputation of the city has shifted from glamorous tourist wonderland to historical treasure, with the likes of its chilling Ghost Town still untouched.

Recent years, however, have seen southern Famagusta rise from the ashes, gradually redeveloping itself as a worthy holiday destination once again. Explore a restored coastline featuring a number of beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy the sunshine, with plenty of family friendly restaurants and shops decorating the new resort. The new and improved beach city of Famagusta will not disappoint.

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