Weather In Ibiza In October: The Ultimate Guide

Updated 8 September 2023 | by Will Bradley

October is the end of the summer season in Ibiza but is also considered a perfect time to visit. The weather in Ibiza in October is very pleasant; expect highs of 24C in the day and lows of 17C in the evenings. The sun tends to set around 7.30 pm at this time of year, making it the perfect time of year to watch the sunset as you enjoy dinner and drinks in the evenings.


Aerial View of Caleta de Sant Vincent in Ibiza
Caleta de Sant Vicent, Ibiza

What do I pack?

You’ll be able to wear swimwear, shorts and t-shirts during the day, but as the temperature in Ibiza in October is a little cooler in the evenings at this time of year, it’s worth packing some layers, such as a light jacket, a cardigan or long sleeve tops you can wear for drinks and dinner out. You might experience the odd shower at this time of year, but not enough to worry about squeezing a raincoat or brolly into your luggage!

What is the island atmosphere like in October?

Typically, the island begins to wind down after the mayhem of the high party season and feels much more tranquil. Ordinarily, there’s still plenty of visitors to give the island life and a buzzing atmosphere, but the beaches are more relaxed and spacious. Another plus is it can be easier to book into the more popular restaurants at this time of year, and fewer crowds to battle with when exploring the villages and windy streets on the island.


What is there to do?

Usually, in early October lots of the famous clubs host huge end of season parties, and in late October there can be lots of events for Halloween.


The temperature in Ibiza in October is still warm enough during the day to spend time on the beach, so pack your books and download your favourite podcasts to enjoy whilst you relax on the sand. The sea tends to be warmer than it is in June, with an average temperature of 22C, so don’t forget your cozzies! It really is the ideal month to make the most of the stunning beaches on the island and capture some autumn sunshine.


Should I go to Ibiza in October?

The joy of the weather in Ibiza in October is you can enjoy plenty of warm sunshine, but as the heat is less intense it offers a much more pleasant temperature for energetic activities. It’s a great time to explore the island by bicycle and you can even book on to more adventurous activities such as parasailing and bungee jumping! There’s more to Ibiza than just beaches; the island has beautiful green countryside which is great for walks in October and there are a lot of guided walking tours available.

It really is a wonderful time to visit Ibiza; warm temperatures, a tranquil atmosphere and the chance to enjoy lots of outdoor activities.



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