10 Reasons NOT to go on Holiday to Ibiza!

Updated 3 March 2020 | by Sian Jones
10 Reasons NOT to go on Holiday to Ibiza!

You’ll find the small island of Ibiza amongst the Balaeric Islands, just off the coast of Spain…It’s less than three hours away on a plane from the UK and is a top holiday destination for many. But here's why you should think twice before heading to Ibiza for your holiday!


1. The islands beauty has been totally ruined by tourism...

Beach in Ibiza


2. The beaches are so overcrowded…secret beaches no longer exist...

Beach in Ibiza Spain


3. There’s nothing of any cultural interest...

Ibiza Town Spain


4. Or any historical sites...

Ibiza Castle Ibiza Town


5. It’s full of noisy youngsters getting drunk and partying all the time...

Ibiza Luxury Bar


6. And the food is pretty bland...

Traditional Spanish Paella


7. Don’t get me started on the weather...

Sunny Ibiza Holiday


8. And there’s nowhere nice to stay...

Villa in Ibiza
Villa in Ibiza

9. It’s just a really boring place...

DJ Party Ibiza


10. Seriously…you’ll only be disappointed...

Ibiza Sunset Spain


There's a reason why Ibiza is one of our top holiday destinations! If you like the idea of a holiday in Ibiza, you should check out our villas in Ibiza.

Have you been to Ibiza? What did you think?