Claude Abroad: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Malta

Updated 28 March 2019 | by Nakita Mason

Greetings all! It’s me, the best-travelled bear in London! True I can’t get into all the trendy clubs like my orange-scoffing chum can, and sure he’s a big sell out while I’m sticking to my travelling passions, and ok so you can buy his memorabilia everywhere whereas I can’t even get the Clickstay team to make keyrings with my face on…

But the point is I’m not bitter about all of that and I’m still here to give you, my wonderful public, what you deserve: my dazzling travelling insights.

My latest adventure saw me head off to marvellous Malta and oh claws was it a good one! So much so I’ve got some compelling reasons why you humans should go more too.

1. The Beaches

beaches in Malta

Little-known fact but bears actually love beaches. Oh yes, you get more than holiday trivia with me friends. Anyway, the beaches in Malta are some of the best I’ve ever been to, whether you want to snooze away the day on a towel or catch some surf in the sea, Malta does not disappoint. Some of the absolute highlights for me, a little bear with top-notch taste, would be the gorgeous Blue Lagoon on little Comino island. It’s got stunning white sand and is an ace place to snorkel too, besides which it’s a great one for you Instagram lovers.

Another good one is St George’s Beach in St Julians. It’s one of the livelier beaches surrounded by great restaurants and bars making it one of the favourites for party goers…I had photos of some of my nights out but, well, what happens in Malta needs to stay in Malta to never, ever be repeated. So, the bear saying goes anyway.

2. The Food

food in Malta
Me on my fourth portion of Rabbit Stew, not that you can tell...#ILoveMySlimmingClickstayTshirt

Wow. Just wow. The second biggest love of my life aside from travel HAS to be food and Malta was a culinary cornucopia of hunger-quenching cuisine. One of the classic dishes (and a firm favourite of mine) would be a hearty Lampuki Pie, a succulent fresh-fish pie that you’ll not be able to get enough of. Other tasty treats I yummed up would be the national dish of Rabbit Stew, Kapunata (a tomatoey, auberginey delight) and the wonderful baked macaroni dish known as Timpana. Trust me, whatever kind of scoffer you are, Malta will be sure to delight, especially with its fresh fish.

3. The History

Scenic views in Malta
Me taking over from the tour guide. Quite a few people left shortly after. Haters gonna hate 

Well, if you’re a history buff then you’re spoilt for choice in merry Malta. There’s a lot to see (especially for a bear of short stature) but I’ll let you in on some of the best. One of my favourites would be the stunning Ggantija Temples which are said to date back to 3600 and 3200 BC making them some of the most important archaeological finds in the world!

The second must-see would be Mdina, the medieval capitol of Malta and a beautiful thing to behold. It’s a walled city with narrow little streets and home to some great sights, like old churches. My advice? Take a tour guide, there's so much information to take in that you'll appreciate having somone narrate it all for you.

These are just two, there’s also the incredible St. John's Co-Cathedral, The Citadel and of course Our Lady of Ta' Pinu Basilica among many others.

Go forth my little adventurers, have a blast in the past!

4. The Weather

Weather in Malta

The weather in Malta is clawfully good. With summer reaching highs on average of 31°C and even later on in the year like October managing highs of 25°C, you really can’t complain!

But knowing you humans you will.

5. Villas in Malta

Well, you can’t blame a bear for mentioning these! The villas and apartments up for grabs in Malta are truly stunning, from family-friendly villas with private pools to excellent apartments to kick back in with your friends! Take a look at our villas in Malta and take a look for yourself!

Villas in Malta