7 Things You Need To Know For A Holiday To Malta

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

Malta is one of those destinations you can’t help but love, with its gorgeous weather, friendly locals, beaches, historic sites and moreish food, it’s got a wonderful laid-back atmosphere that will keep you returning year after year.

To help get you ready for what may be your first ever jaunt (you lucky things!) we’ve complied 7 facts and tips to ensure you and your family have the time of your lives!

1. Travel Is A Doddle  

bus in Malta

When travelling around Malta, the ultimate way to get around is by bus. It’s much easier than trying to drive on those narrow little roads and extremely cheap too. An average summer ticket costs around €2 which is a pittance for how far it can get you!

You can also get various travel cards that provide unlimited travel too including the excellent ExplorePlus cards which will save you a vast amount and get you everywhere you could want to go, perfect!

Malta can be very laid back, it’s part of the overall charm, but generally speaking the buses are on time and regular so fear not!

2. The Food Is Sensational

couple eating in Malta

There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to food in Malta, it’s a foodie paradise and we urge you to try as much as possible, whether it’s eating in your holiday property with food you’ve bought from a local market, or treating yourself to a meal out.

That said, there are a few highlights you might want to make a beeline for, in particular we recommend:

  • Kinnie: Ok, this is actually a soft drink that’s a favourite in Malta, an orange, herbal drink that’s both strange and moreish! Do try it, it’s a great refresher for those long hot days.
  • Stuffat tal-Fenek: Ah, succulent rabbit is a traditional dish in Malta, often slow cooked in a rich sauce with vegetables. Perfect after a day strolling around and gawping.
  • Ġbejna: This is a classic cheese of Malta and makes part of a great lunch with cold meats and olives.
  • Pastizzi: These light pastries can be stuffed with various things, but typically it’s delicious cheese! Ideal for snacking on as you explore!
  • Lampuki: If you enjoy fish dishes you have to try this. Lampuki is made from a white fish known as dorado and often prepared in puff pastry with a herby sauce and vegetables.

3. The Nightlife Is Diverse

Malta nightlife

Malta is great for a wide range of night life, whether it’s clubbing, relaxing in a quaint pub or laid-back cocktails at a beach bar.

Paceville in St Julian's is perhaps the most well-known when it comes to a night out, and is the hub for all types of nightlife you could want.

Elsewhere in and around Rabat you’ll find fantastic open-air clubs during the summer while locations such as Valletta, Mdina and Birgu are all excellent for wine bars and low-key night life experiences.

4. The Accommodation Caters To All

balcony on a malta apartment

The variety of accommodation in Malta is phenomenal, with all types of villas and apartments available no matter how big or small your group. At Clickstay, we offer everything from the height of luxury, to excellent budget options, meaning Malta is a destination anyone can (and should!) visit.

5. The Language Is Accessible

group in Malta talking and drinking

The two main languages spoken in lovely Malta are Maltese and English, so almost everyone speaks English especially those who are working in a tourist capacity. With this in mind, you need not worry about not being able to communicate, but it’s always good manners to engage in the local language, so here’s some key phrases to get you going! Oh and the reason we haven’t told you how to say hello is because it’s just the same as in English!

  • Good morning - L-ghodwa t-tajba
  • Good evening - Wara nofs inhar it-tajjeb
  • How are you? - Kif int?
  • I'm fine, thanks - Tajjeb, grazzi!
  • Thank you – Grazzi
  • Goodbye – Caw
  • I'm lost – Intlift
  • Can you help me? - Tista tghini?
  • How much is this? - Kemm jiswa dan?
  • Excuse me – Skuzi!
  • I’m sorry – Skuzani
  • Can you say it again? - Tista terga tirrepeti?
  • I don't understand - Mhux nifhem!

6. There Aren’t Many Rules About Attire

Malta woman on a boat with a shawl on

Pretty much anything goes in Malta when it comes to clothes, but in certain locations you may be asked to cover up if you want to be admitted in to somewhere. This is especially true of religious places, so be sure to have something to slip over your shoulders and keep your legs covered as much as possible too.

7. Some Miscellaneous Points You Should Also Know Before You Go  

Here’s some last-minute odds and ends that you should know before you race off to pack your bags.

  • Malta uses euros and you’ll also find most debit cards work fine here too, including Monzo and the like.
  • It can get exceptionally hot, so sun protection is a must!
  • Driving in Malta is not for the shy, you’re best sticking to buses!
  • You can drink Maltese water with no issue at all, but some people prefer to use bottled water if they’re known to have sensitive stomachs.
  • You’re going to see a lot of cats, many feral and much loved by the locals.
  • Mosquitoes are common, but aren’t dangerous, just annoying! Take some precautions to avoid itching your holiday away!
  • You can get medical aid for free if you need it, you just need your passport.
  • The people of Malta are extremely friendly and especially fond of tourists. Taxi drivers and restaurant staff alike will happily engage you in what is often highly entertaining conversations! Enjoy!

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