8 Landmarks In Croatia You Need To See

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades
8 Landmarks In Croatia You Need To See

Croatia is a dazzling destination, offering a wonderful combination of all the allures of travel; history, culture, beaches, gastronomy, and natural beauty. There is no wonder why its popularity has risen so dramatically in recent years. Whether you are venturing to its glittering coast or inland to some of its illustrious cultural cities, here are 8 landmarks you just must see when visiting Croatia...


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1. Diocletian's Palace, Split

The popular UNESCO site remains one of the most impressive Roman ruins in existence, still lived in today.

Diocletian's Palace, Split


2. Zlatni Rat Beach, Island of Brac

This glamorous beach has graced the face of many Croatian brochures, with its gorgeous turquoise colour and unique shape. 

Zlatni Rat Beach, Island of Brac


3. Krka National Park, Dalmatia

Located in the heart of Dalmatia, this protected area is full of spectacular natural beauty and wildlife, with plenty of waterfalls to swim in!

Krka National Park, Dalmatia


4. Roman Aphitheatre, Pula

Attracting tourists as far back as the Ancient Roman times, this extraordinary arena is full of history, constructed in 27 BC – 68 AD.

Roman Aphitheatre, Pula


5. Ban Jalacic Square, Zagreb

Existing since the 17th Century, this square sits in the very heart of the Capital, embodying the brilliant vibrance and character of Zagreb.

Ban Jalacic Square, Zagreb


6. Plitvice Lakes, Plitvice

Visiting Croatia's most popular national park is a real experience. Wander through gorgeous green mountains and over wonderful turqoise lakes - there is nothing quite like it.

Plitvice Lakes, Plitvice


7. Dubrovnik Old Town, Dubrovnik Riviera

Nicknamed 'the Pearl of the Adriatic', Dubrovnik's old town has become iconic. Full of history, culture and charm, just walking through its cobbled streets is en experience in itself.

Dubrovnik Old Town, Dubrovnik Riviera


8. Hvar Island, Dalmatian Coast

A landmark in itself, Hvar is a gorgeous island full of spectacular beaches, brilliant marble stone streets and Gothic palaces.

Hvar Island, Dalmatian Coast


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