The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Croatia

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Craving a bit of Croatia? We knew you'd come around. Nestled between the Balkans and central Europe, Croatia is a natural beauty that is fast becoming a family favourite destination. Luckily for you all, we're here to show you around. So, get ready for dazzling beaches with glittering waters, wild green forests and historic cobbled streets...

1. Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Let's dive straight into Dubrovnik. This awe-inspiring ancient walled city is famed for its olde-worldly beauty. Look familiar at all? You may recognise it from a little show called Game of Thrones... 

2. Plitvice Lakes

Majestic view on turquoise water and sunny beams in the Plitvice Lakes National Park

The world-famous Plitvice Lakes are known for being one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world. Lined with lush forest greenery, the UNESCO protected turquoise waters are a must-see/swim. 

3. Split

Split, Croatia (region of Dalmatia). UNESCO World Heritage Site

Split is a sight to be savoured. Dotted on the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia's second largest city boasts white sandy shores against a seriously stunning backdrop.

4. Trakošćan Castle

Trakošćan Castle in Croatia

Visit the fairytale Trakošćan Castle in the picture-perfect Zagorje region. Imagine the mystic and magic that could await you inside...

5. Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb exudes elegance. The nation's capital is home to medieval marvels and leafy green parks that you'll love to lounge in. Trust us, Zagreb is an up and coming destination with so much to offer. 

6. Pakleni Islands beaches

Pakleni Islands beaches, Hvar in Croatia

What is that over yonder? Oh, only some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches around... A taxi boat from the mainland, the Pakleni Islands beaches in Hvar are utterly glorious to gawp at.

7.  Mljet National Park

 Mljet National Park, Croatia

Mljet Island is home to the most spectacular national park. From sparkling saltwater lakes to eerie caves, Mljet National Park is a nature lover's paradise. 

8.  Nin beach

Nin Beach, Croatia

Board the boardwalk to paradise on the breathtaking Nin Beach in Dalamatia. The sandy stretch boasts an impressive 8,000 metres of beach that is often missed by the bulk of mainstream tourists.

9.  Pelješac Peninsula

Pelješac peninsula, Croatia

Wine lovers - here's one for you. The Pelješac Peninsula is known as one of Croatia's best wine tasting regions. Take in the beautiful, often sloping, vineyards - perhaps not after too many winery samples though... 

10. Proizd beach

Proizd Beach in Croatia

The picturesque Proizd beach in Vela Luka boasts heady and totally uninterrupted ocean views. You don't need to tell us twice - Take. Us. Here. NOW!

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