5 Great Activities and Tours In Spain

Updated 9 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

A holiday to Spain is sure to involve sun, sea, and sand, but there's a lot more to this stunning country than that. From wine tasting tours to horseriding and snorkelling, Spain also offers a wealth of tours and activities to suit every taste. Better still, all come with great guides to help you make the most of each experience and support you as you discover Spain in new and innovative ways.  

Here are just five examples of what Spain can offer, all of which can be found and booked on the excellent Adventure Club Spain website.

1. Barcelona City Bike Tour

bike tour while on holiday in spain

One of the best ways to experience the vibrant city of Barcelona is by bike! As one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe, you can safely travel around and take in the wonders of the historic town as you follow your guide through the beautiful winding streets.

As well as seeing the wonderful boulevard and the beach promenade, you will also be treated to seeing some of the iconic monuments created by Gaudi. It’s truly one of the most inexpensive and authentic ways to experience this incredible city and all you need is some sportswear and a sense of adventure!

2. Go-Kart Tours From Marbella to Ronda

If you want to experience the beautiful views found all along the route between Marbella and Ronda, you can’t beat doing so in a Go-Kart! Fun and full of surprises, you’ll stop off at a well-known biker haunt for drinks, refuel approximately 10km from Ronda and enjoy the winding roads that lead to the beautiful Ronda. The whole trip will last roughly 3 and a half hours and you’ll have a professional guide with you the whole way.

For a fun way to sightsee, you can’t go far wrong!

3. Hiking and Snorkelling In Costa Brava

a Moray Eel in Costa Brava

A trip to Spain without enjoying the natural wonders that are available to you is a trip not worth taking! Why not combine two of the best activities in Spain and enjoy a mild hike followed by some refreshing snorkelling in Costa Brava?

The hike begins at a lovely beach in S’Agarό and follows a selection of wonderful microclimates along the beautiful coastline. Not only will you get stunning sea views but also the chance to see many different types of birds and plant life, as pointed out by your experienced guide.

After this, you get to snorkel in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The magnificent seabed is made up of seagrass and stunning rock formations, while the wildlife is plentiful. If you’re lucky you’ll be treated to moray eels, barracudas and even octopuses!

4. Malaga Tapas Tour

Tapas in Malga on holiday

For a real taste of Malaga, you can’t beat a Tapas Tour. Starting right in the heart of Malaga, you’ll be treated to not only a wide selection of traditional food and wine, but also learn the culture and history of it from your guide.

As you wander, you’ll discover sprawling food markets, lavish wineries, and traditional bakeries, all the while being regaled with insights and stories from your guide as you get to sample some of the best food Malaga has to offer.

5. Sunset Horseback Riding Tour in Coín

horseriding tour on holiday in Spain

The sunsets in Coín are renowned as being glorious at certain times of the year and there’s no better way to experience them than astride a horse! On this 3 hour tour, you get to see the beautiful scenery as well as experience the stunning transition from red to gold as the sun sets. Better still, there’s no need to worry if you’re new to horse riding as your guide will make sure you’re all set up before you start.

Trust us, it’s a real treat.

For more great tours like this, check out Adventure Club Spain and get booking your next Spanish adventure!