10 Best Beach Resorts Near Valencia Airport

Updated 12 May 2021 | by Lara McComish

Valencia Airport in Manises is the go-to airport for anyone wishing to stay in Valencia Province. Step off the plane and straight into one of these top beach resorts near Valencia Airport. 

1. Valencia 

20 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

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Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a vibrant port city steeped in history but invested in the future. It's home to some of the most futuristic architecture in the country, including its dynamic City of Arts and Sciences complex. Get ready for out-of-this-world museums in the day followed by a lively night on the town. Try one of the beach bars, there's a few dotted along the miles of beaches. 


2. Sagunto 

29 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Sagunto, Spain

Discover the small town of Sagunto, located just outside of the city of Valencia. It has a magnificent fortified castle giving incredible views out to sea. Head down to Sagunto's beach for a clean, sandy stretch favoured by Valencians for their own summer holidays. It's a great day trip or holiday base accessible from Valencia Airport in less than half an hour.


3. Canet d'En Berenguer

34 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Canet d'En Berenguer

Canet d'En Berenguer is a sweet choice for its orange groves and seaside location. Raco de Mar is the local beach, which enjoys clear waters and fine sands in a great location near amenities and a short drive from the airport. 


4. Sueca

40 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Sueca, Spain

Stay in Sueca, 40 minutes away from Valencia Airport, for a beach holiday straddled between sea and mountains. Take in the beautiful beaches and lush greenery, but be sure to keep cool as this combination can see humid conditions in the summer months. 


5. Alzira

46 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Alzira, Spain

Alzira is a 46 minute car journey from Valencia Airport, making it a viable choice if the prices fare well in comparison to Alicante International Airport. It's a short distance from beaches, but don't rush straight there as there's some top attractions in town too. Start by walking around Parque Natural de la Murta before retreating to Museu Municipal d'Alzira to learn all about Alzira.   


6. Cullera

47 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Cullera, Spain

Cullera sits on the banks of the river Jùcar, perched beneath the Iberian mountain range. Look up and you'll see that there's a 13th Century Moorish fortress for you to explore complete with mega sea views. Heck, you may even see it as you fly in from Valencia Airport!


7. Oliva

1 hour 6 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Oliva, Spain

Oliva sits pretty in the Valencian Community. It boasts gorgeous woodland leading up to Castillo de Santa Ana which is a renovated castle on the beach. This characterful castle has a coveted birds-eye view of the bustling marina, which does great, traditional tapas. Indulge in it all in just over an hours' drive from Valencia Airport. 


8. Dénia

1 hour 18 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Denia, Spain

Dénia offers 20km of beaches, making it a great beach base for a family holiday by the sea. Known as a low-key port turned resort, a beach break here lands you in a historic town chocka with seafood restaurants, boutique shops and boat tours. Get to Denia in 1 hour 20 minutes from Valencia Airport.


9. Jávea

1 hour 25 minutes drive from Valencia Airport

Javea, Spain

Heading out towards the other end of the Costa Blanca, Jávea is still very much reachable from Valencia Airport. Spend your holiday soaking up the atmosphere of the working fishing port before heading out to one of the many family-friendly beaches this area has to offer. Arenal Beach is the most popular beach choice for its safe shallow shoreline and water sports offering. 


10. Benidorm

1 hour 31 minutes drive from Valencia Airport 

Benidorm, Spain

And finally; Benidorm! It's a bit further out, but get yourself on a party bus going east and you'll be there in no time. Skyscrapers sweep the horizon here, making it the ultimate choices for bright lights and big nights. Recover on a sunlounger on super sunny Levante Beach and discover why Brits can't get enough of this lively resort. 


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