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Portugal’s second largest city, Porto embodies the dynamic culture and vibrant nature of the country. It is a romantic city with an abundance of character, full of medieval relics and gorgeous baroque churches. Expect colourful walkways patterned with street art, narrow cobbled streets and colourful buildings that add Meditterranean charm as you stroll. Explore Porto’s popular historic centre in the Ribeira district, a UNESCO world heritage site boasting a glorious collection of waterfront cafés and restaurants – a perfect location to experience the port this city is so famous for. Travel over the glorious Ponte de Dom Luis Bridge or experience the unrivalled atmosphere of an FC Porto match. There really is no shortage of things to do in Porto, making it an ideal location for either a weekend getaway or a full summer break.

Seeing much development over recent years, this city is becoming a real hub for culture and art lovers, romantics and explorers. Whatever you decide to do in a city full of hidden gems and lively escapes, expect to be enamoured by its unwavering charm.

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The Top 8 Things To See And Do In Porto

21 February 2019 Posted in Family Holidays, Portugal

Don't pass up on Porto. Whether you're after a much-needed city break or a summer escape, Portugal's second largest city is brimming with romantic nooks and medieval relics. Come on, we'll even show you around. 

Discover the charming delights of Porto

29 March 2019 Posted in General

Portugal is home to some truly iconic images, the yellow trams in Lisbon and the domed roofs perched on top of majestic palaces in Sintra. But, these sights can all be found to the south and although it's a popular tourist destination, many often forget about the charming city of Porto in the north of Portugal. It's a hub of historical beauty, winding backstreets and medieval architecture, and a place brimming with colour, particularly on the old town skyline. Many travel from all over the world just to sip the sweet delights of Port, and as the originators, they've perfected the art of creating the spirit. These are just a few of the most bewitching sights in Porto.