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2 bedroom apartment to rent in Costa Verde, Portugal
July 2019

The apartment and complex are great. Claudia is a very welcoming host and we felt that if there had been any problems she would have been available and keen to help. The nearby village is interesting and unspoilt, with a bustling fish market and some great walks in and around it. The coast is stunning and there is a row of fantastic (mainly mostly fish) restaurants within easy walking distance of the apartment. Also, a lovely Italian restaurant in the village, with beautiful sea views from the upstairs balcony. The only minor downsides (which we were aware of before going and which the owner cannot do anything about to be fair) are the lack of nearby public transport and the fact that the area immediately surrounding the complex is pretty run down with quite a bit of litter blowing about. Overall though we had a super week and enjoyed being in a very well equipped and clean apartment in a lovely area.

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Renter: Peter
Peter Couple from Cardiff, United Kingdom

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