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Renter: B.j.r.p. V. B.j.r.p. V.
B.j.r.p. V. September 2018

It is a beautiful house with lots of space and beautifully situated. The road to get from the road to the house is steep and curvy and not paved, but with some navigational art passable.

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Renter: Helena R. Helena R.
Helena R. July 2018

Lovely house with great location approx. 10 km from Lucca, you have everything within reach, just have to tear it up. To this, a wonderful hostess who is very friendly and accommodating. Told a few words FANTASTIC ❤️❤️

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Renter: Petra Z. Petra Z.
Petra Z. July 2018

Nice big house with big garden and pool. However, the armchairs and pool chairs at the pool and garden are very dirty, could use a cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner. In the house itself, the oven does not close completely, the dishwasher washes very badly (we did not use it). It bothered me that although a chain makes it impossible to drive through the property of strangers, but that many people had a remote control for the chain and then drive through the system and not very slow. The rooms are ok, even the bathrooms. Very pleasant I felt that fans were set up by the landlord, since we had over 35 degrees heat.

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Renter: Dirk G. Dirk G.
Dirk G. July 2018

We found the house very nice, very nice. The house is high on a mountain and the access road is not easy for a big car. The advantage is that it cools down in the evening. Beautiful view of Lucca from the terrace.

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