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Villas in La Gomera

Holiday in La Gomera for its unspoiled beauty and stunning black sand beaches

Visit La Gomera, the undiscovered diamond of the Canaries!

Luxury holiday home and boat rentals in La Gomera, Canary Islands

La Gomera is a small, round-shaped island with some wonderful rental properties in the heart of the Canarian archipelago. While direct flights from the UK may be available once or twice a year, you can get a connecting flight via Tenerife. Ferry trips are also available from Mazagón, Spain, stopping at Tenerife before continuing to La Gomera. With regular flights and ferries between the Canaries, why not island hop and explore all they have to offer.

Rent a boat and take family, friends, or loved ones on a sailing tour around the Canaries, or explore the region by car. La Gomera and the rest of the islands have a well-maintained road infrastructure with winding single two-lane carriageways. The island is relatively small in size, so getting from one side to another may take you an hour or so.

La Gomera is the dark horse of the archipelago family, relatively quiet and overshadowed by Tenerife when it comes to tourism. This small island has a big personality, and like the rest of the Canaries, boasts its own unique qualities. A nature lover’s paradise, the beautiful terrain is not to be tread lightly, with 650km of perilous hiking trails revealing breath-taking views of the laurel forest, mountainous landscape and volcanic sites only reachable by foot.

The volcanic landscape boasts stunning black sand beaches; a contrast to the golden or white coasts of the Balearics and mainland Spain. They're clean, quiet and ideal for families who aren’t looking for beach bars and busy crowds. Also, the pleasant Canarian climate means La Gomera is the perfect year-round holiday destination.

Discover the island’s charming traditions, such as Siblo Gomero, the whistling language unique to the region. It originated here centuries ago as a means of communication for navigating the island's perilous terrain. So after exploring the cultural sites like the Church of the Assumption in San Sebastian or Archaeological Museum of La Gomera, why not sign up for a lesson or two to learn the basics of Siblo Gomero!

La Gomera offers many charming places to eat, however, the restaurant that sticks out is far from the usual fine dining experience. Restaurant Mirador de Abrante towers above the southern town of Agulo. Try the glass-floored sky walk first, followed by delicious gastronomy from the restaurant's mouth-watering menu!