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14 Reasons Why Slovenia is Perfect For Your Next Adventure

5 March 2020 Posted in Top Lists, Destinations

“Where even is Slovenia?!” I hear you ask. And I don’t blame you, because it is not particularly well-known as a holiday destination. It’s a small country sandwiched between Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary, with some incredible natural landscapes and a welcoming rustic charm. In my opinion, it hasn't been given its just deserts. So here are Clickstay’s 14 reasons why Slovenia must be your next holiday destination.

5 Things To Know Before Visiting Slovenia

5 March 2020 Posted in Family Holidays, General

Slovenia is a small but scenic land brimming with lakes, mountains, and beaches. With so much earthly beauty to its name, it is easy to see why we're suckers for Slovenia. But before you immerse yourself in all things Slovenian, here are 5 things to know before you go... 

Slovenia: Where to go, what to do and things to see

5 March 2020 Posted in Family Holidays, Inspirations

Nestled between Italy, Croatia and Austria sits Slovenia, a country of astonishing, rugged beauty with the Julian alps reaching far into the sky and a network of winding Škocjan Caves, unforgettable coastal towns on the Adriatic Sea and warming Mediterranean weather. It’s capital city, Ljubljana was awarded the green capital of Europe title in 2016 by the European commission, making it the perfect place to meander through the city centre, enjoying the gentle flowing river. If you’ve never had the chance to visit this unbelievable country, now is the time to experience the delicate charm on offer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.