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Captivating and romantic Venice, made up of over 100 islands, is a unique and fascinating villa holiday destination.  Gondolas and river boats transport you around this city, as there are no cars or roads; marble palazzos seem to float magically on the water. Traverse countless bridges over the Grand Canal’s tributaries, and lose yourself in labyrinthine alleyways, emerging somehow in the majestic St Mark’s Square to admire the Byzantine domes of the basilica and the soaring bell tower.  The neighbouring Doge’s Palace is magnificent both externally and internally; exquisite stone carvings on the outside and paintings by masters such as Titian and Tintoretto housed within.

Browse the manifold shops on the Rialto Bridge, enjoy exceptional Italian ice-cream on the beach on the Lido, or sit in a small restaurant by a canal, enjoying delicious fresh pasta and a glass of locally-produced Prosecco; find your Venice villa to begin your enchanting adventure.