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Madeira Villa Holiday

Owner from Calheta, Portugal


Myself and my Madeiran Husband are based in Madeira and really enjoy looking after our Villa with help from close family. We decided to start renting out our villa, for holidays, because we wanted to show what it was like to holiday in the real Madeira - not the busy city. Arco da Calheta has the really typical, rural, Madeiran feel, just right to experience what it would be like to live in Madeira and be a local! We hope we can make your stay with us every bit as enjoyable as it is to live in Madeira.

1 property

15 reviews

Family from Loughborough, United Kingdom


Family from Loughborough, United Kingdom · May 2018
Great villa very spacious lots to do with the games room for the younger ones. Local area very nice we attended a festival in the village on our last night and was blown away by the friendliness of everyone would love come again.

Large Group from St Neots, United Kingdom


Large Group from St Neots, United Kingdom · July 2015
it is a really lovely villa in a beautiful location among all those banana trees. I only gave 3* for cleanliness because my wife washed all the floors so that we could walk around barefoot, and they looked a whole lot better. there are a few cosmetic blemishes. but you get with any villa. as for communication or lack of maybe a quick visit a couple of days into the first week just to see that we knew where everything was and to ask if there are any questions. But in conclusion it was a lovely place for two heavenly weeks.

Large Group from York, United Kingdom


Large Group from York, United Kingdom · August 2014
When we arrived we were given a very rushed tour around the villa and asked to say if everything was ok to let them know now as it was a long way back to see anything. On first sight all looked fine. But once we had time to settle in we found the villa to be in need of a good clean, As we were a group of 12 adults from 2 families and booked in as such we would have expected to have 12 glasses 12 cups etc but this is not the case and most of the cups provided had no handles. When we went down to the pool we found that there was only 7 sunbeds set out around the pool, we did find some more hidden away in the games room, which after a good wash down we were able to use. One of the shower rooms had glass in the shower tray - which indicates that this room was not cleaned before our arrival, the shower room on the second floor is dangerous as the water from the shower head aims directly at the overhead light which just a bulb hanging from the ceiling. The socket behind the double bed on the second floor is dangerous and hanging out of the wall. I did try to call Quinn but got no answer and as he said he would be back on the Friday with clean towels decided it could wait, however as Quinn came on the Thursday when all but 2 were out I never got the opportunity to speak to him. As the holiday had taken a lot of organizing we decided to make the most of it and had a really great time. The island is beautiful and Nelson - the taxi driver- is a must if you want to take a tour of the different areas. -
Madeira Villa Holiday

Reply from Madeira Villa Holiday

We appreciate our guests taking the time to leave a review or to give us constructive feedback about how we may improve our villa. However, this review is very perplexing and is full of inaccurate or misleading statements. Taking the time to get our names right would have also been curteous.

With regards to the implied "rushed" tour of the house, we think some consideration might have been give to the lateness of the arrival of these guests and also the nervousness of having show people around your home whilst trying to communicate in a language which you are no way fluent in i.e. in English, not Portuguese. There was no intention to "rush" the "tour" and as can be seen from other reviews by non-English guests we take time to properly welcome our guests and to try and make them feel at home.

We are completely confused by the comments about the things we have in our kitchen i.e. not having 12 glasses or 12 cups etc. We counted these after we saw the review and found we had over 30 glasses, 21 cups and 25 dinner plates. As can be seen by other reviews our villa has well stocked kitchens. We are also in the process of stocking our third kitchen in the games room to better enjoy the outside brick BBQ. All the cups we provide have handles, however, reading the review left by these guests in the guest book we see this comment is actually about the plastic beakers we supply for use by toddlers or for drinking by the pool. These items were bought without handles and are not broken as may be implied by this review.

We have no idea what the comment regarding only 7 sunbeds around the pool refers too. We had 12 sunbeds out by the pool for the previous guests to use and didn't remove any after they left that day and before these guests arrived the same evening.

We can't even begin to imagine how there could be glass in any of the showers, and this does not indicate the room was not cleaned. We hire a cleaner, as well as checking the cleaning ourselves and take great care to ensure that the bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens are clean before guests arrive. To say we have a shower where the shower head points to the light bulb is extremely confusing as this would mean our shower points to the ceiling and not down to the shower tray. To point to the ceiling would make it unusable - hence the confusion for us about this comment.

We are glad to see that even though there were one or two minor things (especially considering the size of the house and facilities provided) which weren't to the liking of these guests, this hasn't detracted from their holiday and they did have a really great time. We have taken notice of all the comments and will do everything we can to make sure all future guests can also enjoy a lovely holiday with us.

Family from Brackley, United Kingdom


Family from Brackley, United Kingdom · July 2014
On arrival we were warmly greeted by the owner. Initially the property looked amazing, however on inspection the property was dirty so we spent our first afternoon in Madeira cleaning. The games room was particularly bad and when you opened the drawers it had collections of dead bugs and cobwebs. There was no cleaner provided throughout our 3 week stay, and when I asked about changing the bedlinen, I was advised that I had a washing machine! We have stayed in many villas over the years and all have provided cleaning services, changes of bed linen and the pool was regularly cleaned, so I was quite disappointed about this response. It is such a shame as if the property was clean and better mainintained it would be a pleasure to stay in as the views and location are spectacular, although the steps to the pool are very challenging!! The locals are extremely friendly and Nelson the Taxi driver and his crew were brilliant!
Madeira Villa Holiday

Reply from Madeira Villa Holiday

Thank you for taking the time to write your review of our villa. We make every effort to ensure our guests are happy when staying in our villa and pay particular attention to cleaning and maintaining it. We accept that the old ‘kitchen’ area in the games room wasn’t cleaned, we have only just put the games in that room and it wasn't included (as you know) in the costs you paid for your stay. We thought it was better to open the room for you to better enjoy your stay, however as it was only just set up we had thought of it just as a play area and as a separate part to the living areas of the villa itself - it is in a completely separate lower ground area. Therefore we didn’t consider that someone might go through the cupboards and draws or find a need to use them and hence they weren’t cleaned. Please accept our apologies for this. We have noted this and have now paid particular attention to cleaning that area.

We take the trouble to ensure the fridges, microwaves, bathrooms, pool etc. are fully cleaned at the end of each stay ready for the next guests. In particular we had also stripped all the sofa coverings along with the bedding and sent them to the laundry to be cleaned immediately before your stay. So we were surprised to read you thought things weren't clean and you felt the need to clean. However, on asking you to tell us what wasn't cleaned you haven't been able to provide us with any detail.

As you mentioned, we don’t provide a daily cleaning service for guests, although we will look into providing this service. However, we also did not advertise that we did provide this service so we are surprised you expected it. This is a rental villa not a bed & breakfast or a small hotel. We are sorry you were disappointed this service wasn’t available, but this is also reflected in the price of our villa. When you asked, upon arrival, about the cleaning service we explained politely this was not a service we provided and also politely advised there was a washing machine available if you needed it. The washing machine is an item we are regulary asked for by our guests, hence us letting you know it was there.

With regards to maintaining our villa, we assume your reference is to us not providing the daily cleaning service, as we did provide you with a change of clean towels and came to clean the pool during your stay. We do most definitely take time and make an effort to ensure that the villa is regularly painted and that anything which has been damaged or broken is replaced with new items.

Thank you for your appreciation of our villa and it's location. We'll let Nelson know you were happy with his service, we are sure he will be pleased.

Best wishes
Emma & Quim


Friends from Middelburg, Netherlands


Friends from Middelburg, Netherlands · November 2013
We have had a wonderfull time staying in Madeira thanks to this appartment. The weather in December is not the best but weve absolutely enjoyed it. Good place to start exploring the island, and a magnificent view over the banana trees and the ocean..

Couple from Cardiff, United Kingdom


Couple from Cardiff, United Kingdom · October 2013
We had a lovely week . It is far enough away from the hustle of big towns but the communication is so good its easy to visit anywhere on the island. Stunning views and all the facilities we needed, Its not ultra modern but it did not detract from the holiday or let us down in any way. I will return as soon as I can

Large Group from Coningbsy, United Kingdom


Large Group from Coningbsy, United Kingdom · June 2013
Party of 7 male friends came to this villa a few years ago. It was massive and brilliant. Pool is big and it's quiet around the village, perfect for beers and relaxing. Very clean and tidy and I would recommend going here. Piece of advice would be a car hire is essential as it's in the mountains but this is easily done via the owner who are really helpful or just collect from the airport.

 From Brighton, United Kingdom


From Brighton, United Kingdom · August 2011
For once a website that displays exactly what you get and what to expect. It looks great and it is great! Its also very quiet and unusually un touristy for a summer holiday. All six of us aged 10-78 loved it and all enjoyed the swimming pool, found the bedrooms comfortable and the kitchen perfectly supplied for self catering. The island itself has plenty to offer for all ages and tastes and is small enough that no drive took more than an hour. So glad we did not stay in Funchal which was good to visit but not to stay.

 From Liverpool, United Kingdom


From Liverpool, United Kingdom · August 2010
First off - Madeira is very nice - different to other destinations with the sharp rugged cliffs and tropical climate. The villa is clean and comforatble. The view sitting on the balcony is fantastic and sitting there reading with a glass of wine is a good way to spend the evening. The steps down to the pool (2 flights) are a bit of a pain (you have to go out of the property and down stairs at the side off the road) - but the pool itself is large and clean. Given the steps not recommened for small children. In walking distance - There is a basic bar nearby which is friendly and has sky tv for the football (if your interested) and sells ice creams and sweets and children are welcome. There is a small, very basic shop a bit further in the same direction. A car is essential - we booked via the hotel Jardim Atlantico - and used a taxi to get there. We did use taxis other times too and Nelson is very friendly and helpful. The airport transfer (not Nelson) was a bit mad - very fast driver - bit scary. The beach at Calheta isnt far (although you need to drive or taxi) is very good, there is a supermarket and other shops and tourist office - we booked whale watching - highly recommended - one of the highlights of the holiday - perhaps as wed never seen a whale before! Other trips Id recommend Sao Vicente and its caves - and although other reviews say it is overprices I thought it good value. Valette is nice and the cable car and sleigh worth doing - but are expensive. The water aprk is very cheap - I think I paid more for parking than I did for entry for 1 adult and 2 children. The water park itself is small and the slides are all fairly tame if your used to bigger water parks. There is a very cheap lido like pool at Porto Moniz which also has an aquarium. Overall I was happy with Madeira and Casa Vista do Ledo.

 From Burntwood, United Kingdom


From Burntwood, United Kingdom · May 2010
We were whisked to the house by taxi at break-neck speed from the airport and decided that our decision to do without a car was indeed wise! The house was comfortably furnished and being elevated gave very good views. It was a surprise to find our living space was in fact a floor of a house,at street level,with 2 self-contained apartments below which were not let whilst we were there, so this gave us the sole use of the pool. The pool was sited on the lower floor level, meaning quite a few steps down to it from where we were-not quite as convenient , but it was an excellent pool, very well-maintained.The bed was extremely comfortable, much better than any other holiday! There was a generous supply of towels too. We chose not to have meals in the kitchen though, as it had no view and was rather soul-less. There was an electric kettle supplied and this was not mentioned on the list given on the web page. The owner was very pleasant and friendly and gave us the name of an excellent taxi-driver who really helped us a lot with knowing where to dro p us off for our many levada walks. It would have been helpful to have had a local bus timetable in the information folder at the house,(as this consisted mainly of restaurants), also a local map of the immediate area-though we quite soon did our own research and walked all around the area, getting to know the old walk-ways. The thing we did not like at all was the burning-off of rubble/vegetation by the local plantation-owners-nearly every day there seemed to be smoke from somewhere! The speed of traffic through the area has to be seen to be believed, thankfully the road wasnt too busy. At weekends there were several loud/noisy cannon-fire blasts to mark local community celebrations, a tradition we found rather annoying! Apart from these irritations, we had a lovely time, thoroughly enjoyed our daily walks, lovely flowers everywhere in May/June. The cooking facilities were very good at the house, with high quality pans, china and cutlery,so cooking was no burden-especially as the fresh produce was of such wonderful quality and reasonably-priced. Many thanks.
Madeira Villa Holiday

Reply from Madeira Villa Holiday

Thank you for taking the time to write a review of our property. We are happy that you had a good holiday whilst staying with us. The house style is a traditional Madeiran terraced one, being situated on a mountainside. It therefore comprises of three different levels. Our propertys rental accommodation is located at street level and is extremely spacious, as I am sure you appreciated. The pool is located at the lower ground level and all guests are of course guaranteed sole use of the private pool. We are pleased to say that we have now created a lovely dinning area outside for our guests to be able to eat their meals in the lovely Madeiran air. We hope that you will return to our Villa to experience this and the lovely views once again. Best wishes.