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2 bedroom Croatian apartment to rent
June 2018

Unfortunately, we only had two nights to spend, but we're happy that we chose this place. The pros: Really comfortable furniture, nice view and large comfy balcony. The kitchen was well equipped for a rental and we cooked breakfast both mornings with success ;-) The bedrooms are large enough with a lot of storage space, light and very comfortable beds. Bathroom is tiny, but as long as you don't want to hold a party in there, it does the job very comfortably. The TV was large and newish, we brought a laptop and watched a couple movies by jacking into a HDMI port in the back as we don't speak Farsi, Italian, Croatian or whatever most of the channels were in. The location was close to town, but nicely secluded. Now for some small complaints (comments really), they have a washing machine as well as a dish washer, but you better bring your own detergent. I never understand that at rental places. It costs about 5EUR cents per dishwasher tablet or laundry pod (at least it does here) and really makes things nice. Anyway, we were happy they had appliances. The other thing was that the main room AND both bedrooms had minisplits in them and the one in the main room really works well. My issue is that neither of the ones in the bedrooms were hooked up, so, if you like to sleep with your bedroom door shut, things get warm quick. Also, maybe it's a regional thing, but the bed coverings really looked like two extra large towels. Not sure what's up with that, but they did have a couple lightweight duvets in the closet. Anyway, all of these are really insignificant considering that we're really picky and the price to quality ratio was crazy good. Nice people, great location and very comfortable apartment. In an area that doesn't normally value comfortable furniture, this was a god send.

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Renter: Klara
Klara Family from Székesfehérvár, Hungary