Why Barbados Is Perfect For Your Winter Getaway

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades

Beautiful Barbados beach

Welcome to a wonderful island rich in culture and history, with an interior as lush and beautiful as its coast. Once considered a glamorous getaway escape for the elite, the adored white-sands and refreshing island vibe of Barbados call's back visitors from all over the globe from summer through to winter each year. If you're in search of winter sun this year, Barbados should definitely be at the top of your list! Here's why...


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1. Blissful weather and beautiful beaches

With temperatures rising up to 28° in December, this tropical escape offers the perfect weather to enjoy it's stunning white sand beaches and azure shores, even in the winter!

beautiful beach in barbados


2. Cool ocean front beach bars

The islands beaches are full of wonderful ocean-front bars to enjoy, with fresh juices, cocktails and great food.

Oceanfront bar in Barbados


3. Plenty of underwater adventures to enjoy

Known for it's captivating marine life and natural landscapes, the surrounding oceans of Barbados offer ideal conditions for snorkelling and diving - you can even swim with turtles!

swimming with turtles in Barbados


4. Even a submarine ride is on the cards!

With its brilliant clear blue ocean, you can even take a family tour on a submarine - a real favourite for the kids.

submarine ride with kids in Barbados


5. Perfect conditions for watersports

From wind-surfing to body-boarding, Barbados' beaches are perfect for water-sports.

watersports in Barbados


6. Loads of lovely island shops to explore

Home to loads of family-owned brands, explore authentic stores full of island-inspired designs from sequined sun-dresses and kaftans to hand-made accessories and trinkets.

island shopping in Barbados


7. Movies under the stars

Enjoy modern art at the Old Pharmacy Gallery, which even runs a Movies Under The Stars every week on its seaside terrace!

open-air cinema in Barbados


8. Wonderful island food

From delicious fresh fish to age-old recipes, there is a incredible variety of island soul food you just have to try here.

Traditional flying fish and coucou in Barbados


9. Glorious nature and national parks

Perfect for family day-trips, enjoy the brilliant views and wildlife in Farley Hill national park

National Park in Barbados



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