8 Photos To Inspire A Holiday To Barbados

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Emily Benton

Bottom Bay Barbados

The paradisiacal island of Barbados conjures up postcard images of beautiful beaches, tropical palm trees, turquoise waters and pink sands at sunset. It really is a bucket list destination. And as if you didn't need persuading any more, here are 10 beautiful photos to inspire your own holiday to Barbados Although we should warn you, this will cause a severe case of wanderlust...


1. Explore UNESCO World Heritage capital Bridgetown...

Bridgetown Barbados


2. ...and the quintessential Carribean culture.

Bridgetown Barbados


3. Or of course relax on the glorious, white sandy beaches.

Barbados beach


4. Go to Oistins for its infamous fish fry and vibrant nightlife...

Oistins  Barbados


5. or Bottom Bay, known as the best beach in Barbados.

Bottom Bay Barbados


6. Stop for photos at the iconic Animal Flower Cave...

Animal Flower Cave Barbados


7. And experience some of the best coral reef diving and snorkelling in the world.

Snorkelling Barbados


8. Finally, make sure you try the local delicacy... Flying Fish!

Flying Fish Barbados


Can you see yourself lounging in the sun on a beach in the Caribbean? We thought so!

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