Escape the Showers, Spend April in Barbados

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

April is an interesting month, you’ve left behind the gloves and scarves of January and instead swapped them for your handsome, mahogany umbrella with the special duck-shaped handle. Or maybe the £5 handbag-sized sort that breaks at the first sign of a breeze. But that’s just the start of the changes you undergo during this period. Suddenly you find yourself skipping the part where you dry your hair after a shower (because honestly, what’s the point?) and you spend quite a bit of time trying to make your dog realise that walks are not what they once were and perhaps he’d prefer an afternoon nap? Wellies are the only feasible footwear, “wet floor-take care!” signs crop up everywhere and essentially, we spend the month attempting to make this abrupt transition from person to amphibian armed only with raincoats and a can-do attitude.

In short: April typically means rain on a mass scale and we become less human and more sponge as the weeks go on.

Well, what if this year it was different?

What if you didn’t need to mark how well your day has gone by how dry you managed to stay?

What if you could spend April without fearing the skies?

No, this isn’t some flight of fancy, this dream come true exists and we call it ‘Barbados’.

Come on, let’s get you acquainted with the place that can make April appealing.


Sunrise in Barbados

The climate in Barbados between December and May is ideal, as it’s the driest season for this area, with temperatures reaching an impressive 30 °C. Now, we can’t quite claim it won’t ever rain during this time, in fact, there’s bound to be some at some point, but it’s much more likely to be in short sharp bursts rather than the relentless drizzle we’re used to in damp England. Rest assured, even when your weather apps exclaim ‘Rain every day!!!’ you’re still much more in need of sun cream than an umbrella!

 Awesome April Events

Polo pony & Rider

Any time’s a good time to visit Barbados, and while some events run year-round, there really are some especially wonderful things that are exclusive to April.

The Barbados Reggae Festival 2018                                               


Running from Sunday 22nd to Sunday the 29th of April 2018, this is a full week of international and local reggae music acts and something which is now into its 14th year. From beach parties to the brilliant ‘Reggae Party Cruise’ this is a must-see event for those music lovers out there and definitely worth getting excited about.

BNT Hike Programme 2018

This brilliant programme runs from the 7th January to the Sunday 30th December 2018, with a morning and afternoon hike typically available each Sunday. Graded on difficulty so you can find your comfort zone, this is a must-do for the curious out there. There’s also the options of moonlit walks which we’d highly recommend, though don’t forget your torch!

Barbados Polo Season 2018   

EXCLUSIVE TO APRIL!                                 

Running from the Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 29th of April 2018, this is the official Polo season of Barbados, an increasingly popular event and sport that delights both locals and tourists alike.  If you’ve never been or don’t really see how a mix of croquet and horse-riding could ever amalgamate, then you really should give it a go, it’s an exciting sport that your whole family will enjoy and you’ll get to see both local teams, as well as visiting clubs, battle it out pony style!

Sir Garry Sobers Festival Of Golf International Tournament 2018 


For all those avid golfers out there, April is one heck of a time to get yourself down to beautiful Barbados. The Sir Garry Sobers Festival of Golf event runs from Thursday, April 26th to Sunday 29th, 2018. In case you don’t know, Sir Garry Sobers is, in fact, one of the most talented and well-known cricket players out there, and also plays host to this wonderful golfing tournament that’s open to all levels and played on several of the top courses in the vicinity. Golf or gloom? An easy choice, right?

Horse-Racing Season 2018

If Polo isn’t quite your thing then it’s best not to look a gift horse in the mouth (hee-haw!) and instead, check out the horse-racing events happening In April. Running on Mondays 2nd, Saturday the 14th and Saturday the 28th of April (as well as other dates and months) this sport which has been occurring here for over 150 years allows you to get to see the thrill of horse racing up close and usually entails at least 9 races per day.


Beach in Barbados

Undoubtedly, Barbados is home to some of the most fabulous beaches in the world and the real beauty of them is that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s tucked away relaxation or extreme sports you’re sure to find one that tickles your fancy. While it's true enough that you can visit them anytime, it's during the dry season, especially April, when they really come into their own and mean it's a wonderful way to chase the sun and leave the British gloom behind!

To name but a few beaches available, Silver Sands Beach, Bottom Bay and Crane Beach are all fantastic options. Silver Sands Beach has become renowned for activities such as kite surfing and windsurfing, due to the perfect conditions rendered by the strong winds and sheltering reef. Meanwhile Bottom Bay is particularly noteworthy if you’re looking for that ‘undiscovered hideaway’, with the beach being much quieter than some around the same area. It’s often remarked to be one of the best beaches in the vicinity and is great for walking and sunbathing as well as whale and turtle spotting.

Last but not least, is Crane Beach, well-known for its hallmark pinkish sand and stunning cliff views. The water is excitable enough to enjoy some great body-boarding experiences but unlike the others is also much calmer and better for swimming.

These are but three examples, Barbados, however, is littered with beautiful beaches and let’s face it, sipping rum in the sunshine while sprawled out on the beach sure beats battling with your brolly as you fight your way to Tecos for some cold medicine!



If lounging on the beach or taking in the polo aren’t doing it for you then fear not, Barbados is a treasure-trove of things to see and do. We can’t list it all without terming this piece a ‘novella’ rather than a blog, but here are a few of our favourites:

Tour of Bridgetown

Speak to anyone about things to do and see in Barbados and sure enough the word ‘Bridgetown’ will come up. The capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown is a culturally rich and historically saturated city that you must visit no matter what time of year. You’ll discover it’s a vibrant hub of restaurants and shops and also home to some of the oldest buildings in Barbados. You can also appreciate the city by taking a yacht or fishing boat which dock in the centre of the city and make for a pleasant way to take in the sights.

Harrison's Cave

This is another must-see, Harrison’s Cave is one of the best natural wonders of Barbados and is strikingly beautiful and fabulously otherworldly. You can take a variety of guided tours through the crystallized limestone tunnels and get to appreciate a real highlight of the island.

The Turtles of Carlisle Bay

You can’t not love turtles, they’re essentially the puppies of the sea and truly magnificent animals to see up close, as anyone who’s had the pleasure will tell you. If you head down to Carnage Dock you can take a boat to Carlisle Bay where you’ll get the opportunity to swim with and feed these wonderful animals.

Hunte's Gardens and Mount Gay Rum Tour

Gardens and rum, it’s a match made in heaven by anyone’s standard. You can take a tour of this former sinkhole turned stunning garden and learn about one of the oldest rum distilleries at the Heritage Museum.

Gallery of Caribbean Art

This gallery which is situated in the heart of Speightstown is committed to presenting local and authentic Caribbean art. You’ll find a selection of styles and prices and it’s a great place to get a snapshot of the culture through the eyes of the local artists too. 

cliffs in Barbados

And there we have it, a rather convincing argument as to why good ole Barbados beats the UK drizzle any day of the week, but especially in April. So why not cast aside your umbrellas, unveil your swimsuit and get yourself to beautiful Barbados, you won’t be disappointed.

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