How To Renew Your Passport Online

Updated 28 October 2019 | by Lara McComish

Out with the old and in with the new - you can renew your passport and pay for it online in just 10 minutes. 

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Can I renew my British passport online?

You certainly can. Head to to get started. You will need to answer some questions before paying the passport fee - it's £9.50 cheaper to do it online rather than in a post office. Another great reason to go digital!

Passport type Apply online Post Office application
Adult (age 16 +) standard 34-page 10 year passport £75.50 £85
Adult (age 16 +) jumbo 50-page 10 year passport
£85.50 £95
Child (under 16) 5 year passport £49

How long does it take to get a new passport?

The Home Office takes around 3 weeks to send out a new passport if the application is successful. However, it can take longer if more information is needed or the application hasn't been filled in properly. You should seek alternative advice if you need a passport urgently. 

What do I need to renew a passport online?

To renew your passport online, you will need: 

  • 2 digital photos of yourself
  • your old passport 
  • supporting documents

To renew your child's passport online, you will need: 

  • 2 digital photos of the child 
  • your child's old passport 
  • any valid passport from a different country your child might have 
  • any court orders (for example that describe parental responsibility or residency arrangements

You can apply for a child's passport online if they are aged 12 or older. Please note if your child is aged 11 or younger, you must print off the application form and send to HM Passport Office

How to upload a passport photo


Along with the completed application form, you will need to submit two identical digital photos if you are applying online. These can be easily uploaded using a computer, smartphone or tablet. You must get a new photo when you get a new passport, even if you think you haven't aged a day... The photo needs to have been taken within the last month and it must meet the photo guidelines below.

What your new passport photo should look like:

  • It has to be a close-up of your full head and upper shoulders
  • It must not contain any other objects or people
  • It must be taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  • It must be in clear contrast to the background
  • It must not have ‘red eye’

In your new passport photo, you must:

  • be facing forwards and looking straight at the camera
  • have a plain expression and your mouth closed
  • have your eyes open and visible
  • not have hair in front of your eyes
  • not have a head covering (unless it’s for religious or medical reasons)
  • not have anything covering your face
  • not have any shadows on your face or behind you

Other ways to renew 

If you prefer, you can still pick up a passport application form from your nearest Post Office and apply by post. The Post Office also offers a Check and Send service

Rules for travel to Europe after Brexit

Mini Cooper with a 'Brexit' bumper sticker driving away from Europe

At the time of writing, it is unknown exactly how the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union (EU). In the event of a no deal Brexit, the home office has advised the following for after 31st January 2020:

  • You should have a minimum of 6 months from the date of your arrival. 
  • If you renewed a passport before it expired, extra months may have been added to your passport's expiry date. Any extra months on your passport over 10 years may not count towards the 6 months that should be remaining for travel to most countries in Europe.  

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