10 Best Beach Resorts Near Dubrovnik Airport

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Flying into Dubrovnik Airport? Head straight to the Dalmatian coast by staying in a seaside town close to Dubrovnik Airport.


1. Čilipi

5 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport 

Pasjaca Beach in Čilipi

Čilipi is a small village set in the countryside but right near beautiful beaches. Pasjaca Beach is closest harbouring azure waters ideal for snorkelling. Not a bad idea for the first day of your holiday! 


2. Cavtat 

10 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

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Cavtat in Croatia

The historic seaside town of Cavtat has some great pebbly beaches lined up by its promenade. Look out for the many ancient Illyrian necropolises that characterise this area south of Dubrovnik.


3. Komaji

10 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

Sniježnica mountain near Komaji in Croatia

Komaji is a seaside village with strong agricultural links, situated near the majestic Sniježnica mountain. A real must climb once your ears have popped post-flight. 


4. Mlini

15 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

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Mlini in Croatia

Mlini is a go-to choice for those wanting near but outside of Dubrovnik. It's a popular resort offering fine sand beaches and hilly backed vistas that you'll get a glimpse of as you fly into Dubrovnik Airport.


5. Plat

15 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

Plat in Croatia

Plat and its pebbly cove make a scenic spot for a beach holiday near Dubrovnik Airport. It's got a distinctly laidback vibe that will be welcome after exploring effervescent Dubrovnik. 


6. Srebreno

15 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

Sebrano in Croatia

Srebreno is another village beside the sea. Often an overlooked choice, Srebreno is a smaller hub offering a short but sweet shingle stretch within a short drive of Dubrovnik Airport.


7. Radovčići

15 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

Radovici in Croatia

Sink your teeth into Radovčići which is yet another gem along the Dubrovnik Riviera. It is the smallest village of the lot, but perfect for a peaceful holiday centred around R&R.


8. Dubrovnik

30 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

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Dubrovnik in Croatia

Dubrovnik itself is one of the region’s oldest cities and is famous for its Old Town dating back to Roman times. It's a pilgrimage for Game Of Thrones fans everywhere and a very short one at that if you're flying into Dubrovnik Airport. 


9. Zaton

40 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport

Zaton in Croatia

Zaton is a coastal town surrounded by pine forests in the Bay of Zaton. It's an attractive tourist destination with a mix of natural beauty entwined with a rich cultural heritage and architecture unique to the Dalmatian coast.


10. Orašac

45 minute drive from Dubrovnik Airport 

Orašac in Croatia

Nestled at the foot of Sorcerer’s Hill, Orašac is a 10th-century village which overlooks the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Spend a lazy beach holiday here sunbathing at Hawaii Beach, yes you are still in Croatia. Whilst you're here...

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