Top 8 Things To Do In Tavira

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Located in the heart of the Algarve, old-school Tavira is up there with our favourite Portuguese places. From laid-back beaches and cobbled streets to captivating churches and bird-watch retreats, traditional Tavira exudes with rustic charm. Sue owns two apartments in Tavira, so together, we've lined up our top 8 things to do, so sit back, relax and let Tavira do the talking... 


Apartments in Tavira


1. Visit The Moorish Tavira Castle Ruins

Views from Tavira Castle, Tavira, Portugal

The Castle of Tavira (locally known as Castelo de Tavira) dates back to 2000 B.C. Nowadays, only ruins remain but this tour guide hotspot still sits in a prime location and offers heady views of the city. A photo couldn't possibly do it justice - this panorama really is a must-see! 


2. Let's Go To The Beach

Beach in Tavira

Promises of sun-fuelled sandy escapes send holidaymakers Tavira's way. Why we hear you cry? Well, laid-back beaches are Tavira's speciality, as they're pretty quiet and nice and easy on the eyes, too. Our top picks include the two big guns; Praia do Barril Beach and Praia de Tavira, as well as the more secluded Terra Estreita.


3. Take The Ferry To Tavira Island 

Ferry to Tavira Island

Fancy a day trip? Tavira Island is just a short ferry trip away and boasts a second helping of truly unspoilt Tavira worthy golden beaches. Oh, go on then! 


4. Visit The Captivating Local Churches

In the garden of San Francisco Church in Tavira, Portugal

Tavira boasts close to three dozen architecturally stunning ancient churches. Our picks of a mesmerising bunch would have to be Santa Maria do Castel and then San Francisco, which features this fascinating statue in the churchyard garden. 


5. Meander Around The Daily Market 

The Mercado Municipal in Tavira, Portugal

The Mercado Municipal draws in kettles of fish, particularly in time for the lively early morning fish markets. The market also boasts fresh produce, as well as other foodie goods like marzipan fruit shaped sweets and locally made potted honey. 


6. A Little Birdy Told Us... 

Black-headed Weaver spotted at Ria Formosa Nature Park, Algarve, Portugal.

Keen birdwatchers should flock to Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, which sits between Faro and Tavira. The saltwater lagoons and mud flats are a haven for migratory birds. Best explored by boat, the salt mud flats make a great day out. Speaking of which... 


7. There are boat tours galore

Fishing boat in Tavira, Portugal

Bird watchers and fishing enthusiasts unite! Tavira runs many different boat tours catering to the two hobbies. Not floating your boat? The harbour also has offerings for dolphin sightings and snorkelling


8. Let the train take the strain 

Tourist train in Tavira

If you want to get a glimpse of all of Tavira's hotspots, then the regularly running 'train' will get you from A to B stress-free. Here is a glorious shot of the tourist train parked up by the previously mentioned Santa Maria do Castel - all aboard! 

Big thank you to Sue for the tips!  We have a collection of apartments in Tavira