Clickstay on Tour: 4 Days in the Algarve with Lewis

Updated 30 September 2015 | by Alex Georgiades
Clickstay on Tour: 4 Days in the Algarve with Lewis

Among our most popular holiday destinations is the beautiful Algarve, in Portugal.  At the end of a busy summer, Lewis from our sales team was able to escape into the sunny serenity of Fuseta, in the Algarve. Here’s what he got up to on his trip…

Fishing boats in algarve
A fishing boat in Fuseta.

I hadn’t been away with my family for nearly ten years, so my mum, my dad, my sister and her boyfriend agreed we were well over due a holiday together. We found the perfect villa located in Bias Do Sul, within the little town of Fuseta. It was a quiet holiday resort. Our villa was modern, sleek and spacious, and we shared a pool area, with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, with a pretty incredible sea view. Our home for the week checked all of the boxes, and was exactly what we were looking for. We quickly got settled in and spent our first day mostly relaxing in our pool, enjoying our view from the comfort of our balcony, making small plans for the following days.


Day 1

The boys woke up early the next morning for a fishing trip. Fuseta is relatively well known for its fantastic fishing locations. We head straight to the beach where we were able to hire a boat and some quality fishing gear and set off the day. Despite our early failures, we eventually got the hang of things and managed to catch some fish, from groupers, to sea bream and mackerel. We took our catch home with us after a day out on the boat and put our fresh fish straight on the barbecue for dinner with the family on our rooftop!


Day 2

dolphin trip in fuseta, algarve
Sailing beside Dolphins in the algarve.

The next morning we woke up to some exciting news that a trip had been planned for the day to sail with dolphins. There seemed to be so much luck riding on the excursion, but our driver informed us that the chance of seeing dolphins was high. Regardless of whether we did or not, the chance of sailing out into the gorgeous sea was exciting in itself. Enjoying the fantastic weather whilst relaxing on the deck of the boat was exactly what I had been craving. It was a nice moment to all be together on board on such a nice day, and it only got better as our driver instructed to us to keep an eye out. Peering over the edge, we saw a big grey fin emerge from the choppy water, and within seconds four dolphins were swimming alongside us, breaching the surface. It felt like the ultimate freedom to be sailing under the sun alongside these incredible creatures.


Day 3

Tavina in Algarve, Portugal

With not much planned for the following day, we decided to head to Tavira, a town that had been recommended to us by some locals. We had thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet of Bias Do Sul, but thought it would be nice to venture into a new town and see what it was about. From what we had been told, Tavira provides a glimpse at what Algarve was like before it became such a holiday hotspot. There was a really nice atmosphere that murmured through the streets of the town, but the real highlight was its restaurants surrouning the canal and boasting fresh fish from the day, along with other traditional cuisines. Hotels are few, and churches are many, meaning this town still offered a traditional and authentic charm, not abandoned and lost through mass tourism. It was a real pleasure to enjoy some of the incredible fresh food and wine, whilst watching the fishing boats crowd the river and being serenaded by local musicians on every corner. Definitely worth visiting!

sunset in the villa in fuseta
Sunset from our villa in Fuseta.

In between our day trips, we spent most of our time appreciating the luxury of our villa, enjoying our pool and balcony, and the view it had to offer us. The combination of sun, sea and good company was exactly what I needed in my week away, and I can’t think of a better location than the Algarve.