The Weather In Orlando

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

Wondering what time of year is the best to visit wonderful Orlando? Not a problem, we've got it all here for you. 

Month Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature
January  22°C 11°C
February 24°C 12°C
March  26°C 14°C
April 29°C 17°C
May 31°C 20°C
June 33°C 23°C
July 33°C 24°C
August 33°C 24°C
September 32°C 23°C
October 29°C 20°C
November 26°C 15°C
December 24°C 13°C

Orlando is well known as being one of the best resorts for a family holiday, full of entertainment for families and of course, boasting great weather for a decent chunk of the year.

If you want to see plenty of sun then undoubtedly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the best months to visit would be June, July and August where the highs reach a toasty 33°C, and even the lows are respectable at around 24°C.

The coldest time to take a trip is easily January and February where temperatures strain to reach 24°C and can plummet to a chilly 11°C. All that being said it’s not bad for winter sun, with October being a particular contender with highs of 29°C at points.

In terms of rainfall, Orlando can see a fair amount of rain during the summer as this can be when thunderstorms and sometimes hurricanes occur, with July being known as the month with the highest level of precipitation.  

 As for the warmest sea temperatures, then visiting anywhere from June to October can be fantastic. September generally hits the warmest sea level temperature at 26°C, and February would be the coldest at 22°C.

Orlando Skyline

If you are thinking of visiting Orlando then remember there’s more to it than the Disney parks! From biking, shopping and museums it's sure to have something for everyone! Not only that, but it’s a great location for out of season trips with the kids. With so much to offer and such great weather, Orlando is one of our top family holiday destinations.

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