The 8 Best Surfing Beaches In The Canary Islands

Updated 9 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Catch a wave in the Canary Islands at one of these world-class surfing spots. 


Benefiting from year-round sunshine, Tenerife makes a natural choice for surfing in any season. Get stoked for consistently warm sea temperatures and a fair amount of swell coming in from the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in north Tenerife. 

Playa Jardin near Puerto de la Cruz in North Tenerife
Playa Jardin near Puerto de la Cruz in North Tenerife

Surfing for beginners in Tenerife: Playa Jardín

Playa Jardín sits in the tourist beach town of Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife. It is an urban-style black sand beach with breathtaking views of Mount Tiede and an ideal backdrop for your first surfing endeavour. Its manmade breakwater is designed to shield beach bums from high waves. Fear not, aspiring surfing as there are plenty of open areas for those wanting to learn to surf.

Surfing in Tenerife for experienced surfers: La Izquierda

Now, we know what you may be thinking... that beach is in Playa de Las Américas, aka one of the busiest resorts in Tenerife! Surfers come from far and wide to ride the waves which feel the southern ripples of Mount Tiede. The waves at a certain point here break on a volcanic platform for a long wave with a bit of barrel. It's a fast-paced surf with some sharp rocks, so definitely best suited for a boarder with experience. 

Gran Canaria

You can catch the best waves in Gran Canaria if you head north. If you see the banana plantation lined beaches, then you're in the right place!

Surfing in El Confittal in Gran Canaria
Surfers at El Confittal in Gran Canaria

Surfing in Gran Canaria for beginners: Las Palmas

This resort offers a great mix of seaside and lively vibes. It is the go-to for anyone who wants to dip their toe into surfing in Gran Canaria, with a wide choice of local surf schools nearby including Buen Surf School and Surf Camp Las Palmas. Plus, you can dry off with a celebratory post-surf pint in town. 

Surfing in Gran Canaria for experienced surfers: El Confital

El Confital is hailed by many as one of the best surfing beaches in Europe. It sits just outside Gran Canaria's capital, Playa del Hombre, but don't let the crowds put you off. Surfers flock here from far and wide to ride the waves over a famous volcanic ledge. Waves get up to 4 metres high between September and May at high tide, which would be ideal for a surfer looking for a white-knuckle challenge. 


The coastlines surrounding Lanzarote pick up swell from all angles. Widely compared to being the Hawaii of Europe, you can imagine the sparkling reputation there is for surfing in this red-hot Canary Island. 

La Santa in Lanzarote
Surfer in La Santa in Lanzarote

Surfing in Lanzarote for beginners: Jameos Del Agua

Start your surfing journey at Jameos Del Agua. There are some gnarly, turquoise left-hander waves which would make a great confidence builder for new surfers. And that's not all it has going for it... try out Jameos Del Agua on the right day and you'll get to ride some of the longest waves on the entire island. 

Surfing in Lanzarote for experienced surfers: La Santa

Set in the charming fishing village of La Santa, this tucked-away spot is one of Lanzarote's best surfing meccas. The waves here offer are high-quality with explosive sections that break on both parts. Expect a mix of local surfers in these parts as well as fleeting but experienced surfing professionals. 


Fuerteventura is a must-surf for its more advanced reef breaks, but there are also lots of beginner-friendly waves to get you started

Los Lobos in Fuerteventura
The islet of Los Lobos near Fuerteventura

Surfing in Fuerteventura for beginners: Punta Blanca

For a quiet space to practice your balance, try Punta Blanca. This northwest surf spot offers laid back and foamy waves, which provide long rides for those on board. You'll likely run into a few windsurfers here, so you should avoid the waters if you see them rigging for your own safety.

Surfing in Fuerteventura for experienced surfers: Los Lobos

Los Lobos is a small islet north of Fuerteventura, which is home to the longest wave in the Canary Islands. Not only that, but its waters also promise Fuerteventura's best right-hander waves so this spot can get pretty busy. We promise that the length and quality of the waves make it worth it though. 

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