7 Family Friendly Activities In The Canary Islands

Updated 3 March 2020 | by Emily Benton

When it comes to family holidays with great activities and tours on offer, you can't beat the much-loved Canary Islands. From the fantastic Tenerife to the wonderful Lanzarote, the Canary Islands were built for family holidays that stay with you, and it's not just the tourists in love with these destinations, the locals are just as devoted:

"It’s been three years since I moved to Tenerife and I still feel like a traveler because it continues to amaze me. With warm summers, mild winters and 23ºc being the average annual temperature, it can’t get any better.

There’s 70km of coastline with both gold and black sand beaches and I’ve got one word for you: diversity. Whether you’re into climbing volcanoes, visiting desert areas, enjoying water sports or simply laying all day on the beach, this island easily connect its visitors with nature. Oh, did I mention the Carnival? It’s the second most popular in the world! It’s the beautiful natural landscapes and the delicious Canarian gastronomy I fell in love with.

The island of Tenerife lets you enjoy life in its purest form, and that’s why it should be on your bucket list."

Alex, Tenerife.Fun 

As Alex says, Tenerife is particualrly favoured as it has everything a traveller might want; sun, sand and a whole host of activities that mean there's something for every member of the family. 

To get you in the mood, here are just a few examples of great things to do in the Canary Islands. 

1. Mount Teide, Tenerife

Not only the highest point in Tenerife but also in the whole of Spain, Mount Teide is a fantastic day out. The most exciting way to reach the top of the volcano is by cable car where, once at the top, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the island and its surrounding neighbours. 

Mount Teide Canary Islands

2. Santa Barbara Castle, Lanzarote

The rich medieval history of the Canary Islands can be enthralling for all of the family. There are many forts that can be found on each of the islands, however, one highlight is Castillo de Santa Barbara in Lanzarote. Inside this small fort is a museum documenting the history of pirates - perfect for the children!

3. Whale Watching In Tenerife

There's nothing quite so magical as getting to see animals in their natural habitat and whales are some of the most astonishing sights of all. With Tenerife.Fun you get the chance to take a tour and see some of the most stunning types of whale Tenerife offers, including Humpback whales and the lovely Short-Finned Pilot whales. Better still, tours consist of small groups of a maximum of 10 guests, meaning you get a perfect view and plenty of information from the highly-experienced and friendly team. 



4. Sotavento Beach, Fuerteventura 

Looking for miles of white beaches to entertain the kids? 17 miles to be precise? Then look no further, the golden sands in Fuerteventura are perfect. You can spend the day around the many sun loungers and beach cafes, or set up camp at the more deserted sections of the beach, allowing you to enjoy some family time away from other holidaymakers. 

Sotavento Beach Fuerteventura 


5. Siam Park, Tenerife

Renowned as one of the best water parks in the world, a visit to Siam park certainly cannot be missed. Whether you choose to spend the day on the beach, braving the water slides, relaxing on the lazy river, or catching a ride in the wave pool, there's something for everyone... even plenty of bars and restaurants for the adults!

Siam Park Tenerife


6. Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

There's no better place to explore the otherworldly landscape of the Canaries than in Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote. Here, the volcanic landscape is known for its 'Martian' similarities and is therefore unlike anything the kids will have seen before! They will also love the geothermal Geysers, from which water will sporadically erupt out of the ground!

Timanfaya National Park Lanzarote


7. Paragliding, Gran Canaria

Fancy a different point of view altogether? The kids will love seeing the unique formations of the islands from the sea, parasailing above the crystal clear waters! The weather conditions in the Canary Islands are perfect for all sorts of water sports. However, the hot air makes for particularly favourable paragliding conditions!

Paragliding Gran Canaria

If you're looking to book activities in Tenerife, check out Tenerife.Fun, they've got more activities than you can shake a stick at and they're always happy to help!