The 4 Best Things To Do In Seville

Updated 28 May 2019 | by Nakita Mason

When it comes to Spain, few places are as magical as the glorious Seville. Host to some of Spain’s most iconic landmarks such as the dramatic Seville Cathedral and Alcázar castle, it’s also well-known for its rich history, fabulous Flamenco clubs and of course, delightful tapas.

To be sure, a few days in Seville will never be long enough to experience all the delights to be had, so to help you out we’ve listed 4 of the best things to do when on holiday there.

1. Visit Seville Cathedral

Visit Seville Cathedral

We mentioned it before, but it truly is something you have to see, especially if you’re only in Seville for a few days. It is easily the largest cathedral in the world and renowned for its gothic style and mesmerising beauty. It’s a sprawling mass of intricate design and it’s said that those who initially drew up the plans for the cathedral wanted to create a building so big and so wonderful that it would make the viewers of the end result think them mad! While we wouldn’t agree with mad, it is without a doubt one of the most impressive pieces of architecture you’ll ever see and steeped in history too. Go, it won’t disappoint!

2. Enjoy The Tapas

Seville Tapas

Food in Seville is a luscious mix of hearty, healthy and moreish, and there’s no better way to introduce your taste buds to the delightful Spanish cuisine on offer than to indulge in some tapas. Traditional Spanish tapas comes in a myriad of forms, from the well known calamari to the much-loved paella, however, there’s some authentic dishes you might not have heard of. One such dish is the greatly loved delicacy of Melón Con Jamon, which is a delightful mix of cured ham and melon, perfect for humid days. A heartier tapas option is the traditional Pisto, a stew typically created from courgette, tomatoes, aubergine and peppers, which is ideal for filling up on after a long day!

Other classic options are Pulpo (octopus, typically fried), Gazpacho, a cold refreshing soup, and of course Albóndigas, which are tender meatballs often in a rich sauce.

Don’t hesitate, try something new in Seville, your taste buds will thank you.

3. Discover Flamenco: an ancient andalusian art

Flamenco Dancing

“Immerse yourself in one of the greatest arts of Spain. Seville presents itself as a relevant cradle and home of this art. Most particularly, the neighbourhood of Triana with the Guadalquivir river surrounding its colourful streets. With an unprecedented  flamenco tradition, Triana offers you great venues to truly breath in this ancient art”

- Sala Baraka Flamenca

If you’ve never had the delight of witnessing Flamenco dancing, then it’s fundamental you change that when holidaying in Seville! Flamenco dancing is a highly expressive and passionate Spanish dance that’s one of Seville’s cultural hallmarks and it’s nothing short of a thrill to watch. 

A potent mix of fancy footwork, fluid arm movements and dramatic clapping and stamping, Flamenco is a highly artistic and beautiful dance form that will take your breath away.

For an authentic experience we recommend visiting Baraka Sala Flamenca, an especially artistic display of Flamenco dancing that incorporates traditional Flamenco dance, extremely talented dancers and beautiful garments.

Go, it’s a must see

4. Guadalquivir River Boat Trip

Guadalquivir River

Plenty of people have called this the most beautiful river in Spain and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it the only navigable river in Spain, and the second largest, but it has also served as the backdrop to many of its historic moments too and is an iconic part of the Spanish countryside.

Today, boats sail calmly along, giving lucky travellers a unique and fresh way of experiencing Seville’s beautiful landscape. If you’re in Seville for a few days, a boat tour should be somewhere on your to-do list, especially those that offer you a commentary on the heritage of the river as well as the history of Seville itself.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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