The 10 Best Things To Do In Marbella

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

It's rich to claim that Marbella is just for the rich. While its luxurious stereotype rings true,  Marbella is also a playground for holidaymakers with kids. We sent Emma from Me, The Man & The Kids out to explore Marbella as a family holiday destination. 

1. Visit a Blue Flag beach

We may be biased, but we particularly like the look of this one. 

Clickstay written on beach
Photo credit: MeTheManAndTheKids

We have just come back from a 3-hour walk along the beach. Our shoes are full of sand, we have sun-kissed cheeks and pockets full of seashells. It was perfect 😊

2. Eat out

There are some great local restaurants serving traditional Spanish fare. We're talking tapas, paella and the like! That being said, there are also some exceptional churros to be had!

Churros from Churreria Chocolateria in Marbella
Photo credit: MeTheManAndTheKids

Who doesn't love a large plate of churros? 😍 


3. Make a day trip to Malaga

Malaga is home to the airport closest to Marbella but don't be in a rush to get outta there! A day out here is well worth adding to the itinerary. 

Panoramic view of Malaga
Photo credit: MeTheManAndTheKids

Oh, Malaga. Somewhere I had no interest in visiting until I actually got off that plane and inhaled the sun, the history and the sights. We had so much fun exploring Marbella, I promise to return very soon to explore more Malaga! 


4. Explore the Old Town

There's history around every cobbled street corner... 

Marbella Old Town


5.  Unwind at Parque La Alameda.

It's a tranquil tropical garden peppered with artsy benches and an Andulasian tiled fountain. 

Fountain at Parque La Alameda


6. Go shopping

If you're looking to blow the budget, head to Puerto Banus for the best designer labels. The La Cañada shopping complex is a great option for those who've already spent too much on ice cream... 

Girls with shopping bags


7. Head to a playground

Sometimes kids just need to let off some steam. Luckily, the apartment Emma stayed in had a surprise playground right by it!

Playground near Clickstay apartment
Photo credit: MeTheManAndTheKids

This playground was a complete surprise to us as it wasn't pictured on the listing. It's just across the road from our apartment and has a couple of tennis courts and this sweet play park. 


8. Take in the art

Give them an art lesson in real time and check out the Salvador Dali sculptures in Marbella.

Salvador Dali sculpture


9. Go to the theatre

The Black Box Theatre in Marbella offers performances in Spanish and English.

theatre in Marbella


10. Stroll around a luxury marina

Take them yacht spotting in Puerto Banus marina. ours of entertainment! A glimpse into how the other half live 

Puerto Banus marina in Marbella


With thanks to Emma from MeTheManAndKids. Inspired? Take a look at all our villas in Marbella!