8 Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Marbella

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Emily Benton

Marbella Marina

The official playground of the rich and famous, Marbella is without a doubt Spain's most glamorous resort. With lively beach-bars, restaurants, nightlife and shops, it surely seems like the perfect destination for your most stylish beach holiday yet. But we've got news for you. Here's why you should NEVER go to Marbella...



1. Puerto Banús harbour isn't really as pretty as they say...

Puerto Banus


2. ...there are even some mountains that spoil the view. 

Puerto Banus


3. We think you'll agree that the cars all need a good polish.

Marbella Cars


4. There's an entire MILE of golden sand to walk down...

Golden Mile Marbella


5. The shopping isn't all that.

Marbella Shopping


6. The nightlife isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Marbella Nightlife


7. The Old Town just isn't as pretty as all the rumours.

Marbella Old Town


8. And after all, the villas in Marbella aren't very impressive...

Villas in Marbella


Only kidding! We're packing our bags right now! Have we tempted you too?!