Best Restaurants In Davenport

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Davenport in Florida

Grubs up! Here are the restaurants you have to try in Davenport, Florida

1. Ovation Bistro & Bar

Ovation Bistro & Bar is a family-run BBQ style eatery that offers American fare in a warm setting in Davenport. Its mouthwatering ribs and steaks have secured its status as Best Smokehouse in Central Florida making it a must-visit for tourists looking for an amazing BBQ experience.

2. Giovanni's Pizzal

Grab a slice from Giovanni's Pizza; a top pizza joint in the heart of Davenport, FL. Enjoy crisp crusts with layer upon layer of toppings, bound to please even the fussiest eaters. Buon appetito!

3. The Proper Pie Company

No prizes for guessing the origins of this Davenport establishment... The Proper Pie Company is a British delicatessen with their eyes on the pies. Tuck into some authentic favourites including steak & Guinness pie and chicken pie, or mix it up with some fish and chips. It offers seating, but you can also grab a Cornish pasty on the go. It all depends on your plans for the day. 

4. David's Club Sports Bar & Grill

Do your day's plans tie in with a game? David's Club Sports Bar & Grill in Davenport is the place to settle in. Sink your teeth into one of their highly-rated steaks with peppercorn sauce; the perfect way to celebrate a win or cheer yourselves up after a loss. There's plenty of bourbon available for either outcome, too. 

5. Bob Evans

Sounds like he could be a work colleague, but Bob Evans is actually a American diner. Specialising in breakfast, Bob Evans is a reliable shout for quality plates served in a homely atmosphere. Heck, we'd say the Davenport branch is also worth a visit for lunch and dinner. 

6. Sundays Grill

From one diner to the next, Sundays Grill in Davenport has a local pub across the pond feel to it. Stop off for fish and chips and a pint of British draught beer - you'll feel that little bit closer to home, from the excitement of your home-away-from-home Florida destination. 

7. Kumo

If you're on the lookout for a bento box, Kumo could be the place for you. By far the best tasting sushi in the city of Davenport; Kumo has a diverse range of Japanese dishes served at hibachi tables. Start with the crispy tempura, a great plate for first-timers. Build your way up to the specials, such as the Madame Butterfly and its signature eel sauce. 

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