The Top 10 Food and Drink You Must Buy in Barcelona

Updated 3 March 2020 | by Felicity Brown
Barcelona food market

Barcelona is a vibrant and colourful city, without the chaos of cities like London or Paris. It definitely has a laid-back vibe, and anyone who has visited this Catalan city will tell you that their explorations revolved around hopping from cafe to restaurant to bar sampling the Spanish food and drink on offer. No rushing around from tourist attraction to museum to gallery. So let us help you narrow down the list of food and drinks in Barcelona, so you can make the most of it...


1. Allioli

This delicious olive oil and garlic mayonnaise is a Catalan variant of the Mediterranean 'Aioli'.

Allioli Barcelona Spain Catalan Garlic Oil


2. Beer (from a beer hawker)

All over Barcelona, you will find vendors selling beer at the side of the road at a cheap price.

Spanish Beer in Streets


3. Cava

The Spanish champagne is very easy to drink. Just add friends and sunshine and you'll get through bottles and bottles of Catalan's Cava.

Cava Spanish Champagne Barcelona Catalan


4. Crema Catalana

Just like Crème Brûlée but with the gorgeous addition of orange or lemon zest and cinnamon.

Crema Catalana Spain


5. Escalivada

A traditional Spanish dish of smokey grilled vegetables.

Escalivada Tapas Spain


6. Fideuà (not Paella!)

The Spanish maintain that Paella is only worth eating in it's area of origin - Valencia. Good Paella can be found in Barcelona but more often than not, you'll find a disappointing version. Fideuà is like Paella but with pasta instead of rice and we've heard it's a tasty alternative.

Fideuà alternative Paella Spain Barcelona


7. Gin and Tonic

Most Spanish cities are more about the simple gin and tonic, rather than the fancy cocktails you might encounter in other European cities.

Gin and Tonic Barcelona


8. Jamon Iberico

You'll find this cured ham everywhere in Spain and Portugal. It can be bought for a small price in supermarkets - ideal for a picnic!

Jamon Iberico Cured Ham Spain


9. Patatas Bravas

This popular Spanish tapas dish is purely cubes of potato with a rich, herby tomato sauce on top. It makes a perfect snack to enjoy with a cold Estrella.

Patatas Bravas Tapas Spain


10. Saffron

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the Saffron crocus. An ounce of saffron can cost more than gold, mainly because the process of harvesting it can be so laborious! Buy this spice from the food markets in Spain though, and you can get it for a much cheaper price.

Saffron Spain


11. Sangria

Sangria is a traditional Spanish cocktail made from red or white wine, chopped fruit, sugar, orange juice, and a small amount of brandy.

Sangria Spain


12. Turrón

Turrón is a sweet usually consumed at Christmas time by the Spanish. It's made out of honey, sugar, egg whites, and toasted almonds; it's essentially nougat and it's delicious!

Turrón sweet Spain

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