Best Beaches In And Around Paphos For Families 

Updated 19 January 2022 | by Nakita Mason

The reasons to go to Paphos are numerous, but it goes without saying that the beaches are surely one of the biggest pulls for travellers and it just so happens that we know the best ones to prioritise. 
From water activities for older kids, to tiny beaches that are perfect for younger children to play on, Paphos has it all, as well as all the amenities you and your family need to enjoy a great day on the sand. 

1 Paphos Municipal Beach

Paphos Municipal Beach showing blue sea and sand
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The Paphos Municipal Beach is a family-favourite for a variety of reasons, not least of all because it has great amenities close by including toilets, restaurants as well as shower and changing rooms. There are also sun loungers to be rented, a lido to enjoy and ample opportunity for snorkelling should you fancy it. For an all-round convenient beach, this one’s perfect. 

Location: Poseidonos, Paphos, Cyprus.

2 St George Beach

St George Beach in Paphos Cyprus
St George Beach is classically pretty, with soft, warm sand and sky-blue water. It’s a haven for those who enjoy numerous water activities including surfing and kayaking, while the rest of you can happily sunbathe and snooze as the children make sandcastles. The sea is also made that much safer by the waves being broken up by a manmade structure further out, allowing you to swim safely without fear of being overwhelmed by large waves. Happily, it’s also rife with fish so a great place to scuba dive too! 

Location: Coral Bay Road, Paphos, Cyprus. 

3 Vardas Beach

Vardas Beach in Cyprus
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This lovely little beach is a fantastic way to spend a few days and is not only pretty and convenient, but there’s some nice little features like free sun loungers so long as you spend a minimum of €5 per person at the ideal on-site eatery. Not only can you enjoy great food and drinks as you soak up the warmth, but it’s also a great beach for swimming and is generally quieter than many of others. Easily a top pick for families so don’t miss out. 

Location: Kissonerga, Vardas Beach Restaurant Cafe Bar, Paphos, Cyprus.

4 Coral Bay

Coral Bay in Paphos
Coral Bay is hailed as one of the best in the area, with its iconic horseshoe shape and bright blue water, it makes for some fantastic photos and the shape also provides a good deal of protection against wind and large waves. It’s easy to reach via bus from Paphos and provides you with all you could need, from water activities, lounger areas as well as boat trips and eateries close by. This one can be busy so make sure you get there at a reasonable hour as it’s well worth it!

Location: Peyia (roughly 6.5 miles away from Paphos) Cyprus. 

5 Vrisoudia Beach

Vrisoudia Beach, Paphos Cyprus
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This is a tiny stretch of sand compared to some of the others but it’s great for a quieter time of things. The sand is more stony than not, so for little ones wanting to run around and make sand castles, it’s perhaps not your best choice, but for a relaxing day with the teens or just you and your adult family, it’s a lovely way to spend a day. Pretty and well-kept, it’s also got access to showers, toilets and eating areas. 

Location: Paphos, Cyprus


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