9 Things You're Missing Out On In Rhodes

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades

Cobbled street in Rhodes

In search of beautiful sun-kissed landscapes and glistening beach escapes? Or cultural adventures, packed with things to see and do? If the answer is yes, the island of Rhodes is a perfect fit. Whilst it is often considered a tourist venture, Rhodes holidays offer so much more than just pretty beaches and old squares - there is an endless list of summer pleasures to be experienced here that you definitely WON'T want to miss out on this summer... 


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1. The Acropolis of Lindos

Silhouetted against the deep blue sky, you'll find the wondrous archaeological site that has lasted since 300 BC. If the history isn't enough, the views are incredible.

The Acropolis of Lindos


2. Anthony Quinn Bay

Amongst a captivating selection of beaches, this yacht-sprinkled bay features shimmering turquoise waters, perfect for snorkelling.

Anthony Quinn Bay, Beaches in Rhodes


3. Lindos Town

Splashes of white on the hillside, Lindos has been home to artists, writers and romantics for many, many years and still retains its charm today. Don't hesitate to spend a day strolling through its cobbled streets and cooling off on the beach.

Beach in Lindos, Lindos old town


4. The Kallithea Springs

With its springs said to have unique properties once upon a time, Kallithea now offers a fantastic day out. Walk through the beautiful gardens, swim in the glistening coves and dine right by the sea. 

Kallithea Springs in Rhodes


5. The Beach Restaurants

Food is a great part of Greek culture and especially island life. Enjoy delicious traditional dishes in one of Rhodes many tavernas, with fresh food being caught every day, which can be enjoyed right by the ocean.

Restaurant by the beach in Greece


6. Nature

The Valley of the Butterflies in Petaloudes is one of the islands most beautiful spots, with plenty of lush natural beauty to explore - definitely one of the best things to do in Rhodes!

The valley of the butterflies


7. The Sunset

Sunsets in Greece already have a pretty strong reputation, but Rhodes is particularly unique. From viewpoints like Kritinia Castle and St Pauls Bay, you won't be disappointed!

Sunsets in Greece

8. The Resorts

The seaside resort of Faliraki is a popular tourist destination with 5km of sandy beach, offering a vibrant and cosmopolitan area boasting the largest water-park in Greece, fantastic nightlife and great water-sports and boat trips!

Boat trips in Greece


9. The Amazing Villas

You can enjoy the island from the base of a lovely luxury villa like this one, from just £135 per night!

Villas in Greece, Villas in Rhodes


If you really don't want to miss out this summer then consider holidays to Greece and visit the island of Rhodes! View our villas in Rhodes.

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