9 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Cape Verde

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades
9 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Cape Verde


Floating in the Atlantic Ocean, just 500km off the Coast of West Africa sits the stunning islands of Cape Verde. With a population of just 500,000 these islands have remained unspoiled, maintaining their wealth of natural beauty, without falling short of embodying a lively Island culture and character, and a spice for life that brings visitors back time and time again. With it's unbelievably clear waters and breathtaking natural allures, Cape Verde should definitely be on your bucket list. If it's not, it soon will be...


1. The wreckage of Cabo Santa Maria

Almost 4 decades old now, the wreckage of the Cabo Santa Maria has become a famous landmark for Boa Vista!

Famous shipwreck in cabo santa Maria, Boa Vista


2. Praia de Santa Maria

Santa Maria is fast becoming the most popular beach spot in Cape Verde among holiday goers. With a fantastic town life and perfect soft sand beaches, it's the best place to go to relax. Just look at that water!

Dock in Santa Maria Cape Verde


3. Kitesurfing, windsurfing and...well, just good old surfing!

With strong trade winds parading over the islands from the Sahara desert, the islands become a paradise for surfers and water sports lovers. Surfers arrive from all over the world to enjoy the gorgeous turquoise waves, but even if you have no experience don't worry. Among other spots, Sal is home to a number of friendly schools for kitesurfing, windsurfing and classic surfing. Where better than to experience something as exhilarating than the paradise beaches of these islands?!

Kitesurfing lesson in Sal island, Cape Verde


4. Stunning marine life

The surface sports are definitely a must do, but don't miss out on the incredible scuba diving courses and experiences available in Cape Verde. With a breathtaking assortment of marine animals to be seen, amongst colourful coral and underwater wonders. You can even choose to explore the famous shipwrecks of the islands!

Diving in the marine world of Cape Verde


5. Turtle Watching

Some breeds of turtles have been known to lay over 100 eggs at a time! If you time it well, you'll be able to experience a truly incredible moment, bearing witness to the wonderful hatching of these newborn turtles. These baby turtles are under a lot of threat, with predatory birds and sea animals flocking to these hatching areas, so you might even be able to volunteer and deliver them safely to the sea from their hatching point!

Hatching baby turtle in Cape Verde


6. Fishing in fifty shades of blue

Being an island, fish is one of the most popular food amongst locals and tourists. Enjoy observing the fishermen and their traditional routines bringing in their catch and cleaning it at the harbour quay. Sal island offers plenty of fishing trips if you decide you wan't to join in!

Fishermen at sea, Cape Verde


7. Horse-riding on the beach

One of the most popular excursions available is horse riding on the beach. Whatever experience level you are at, you will have a personal instructor and a horse suited to you whilst you have you much awaited movie moment and ride into the sunset!

Horse-riding on the beach, Cape Verde


8. Snazzy shops and wacky bars

If unique, locally made clothes and accessories are your thing, then Cape Verde is for you. With local markets buzzing in the towns you're sure to enjoy a parade through the colourful stalls. For nightlife, São Vicente is known as the cultural hub of the islands, boasting wacky bars and clubs. But whether it's the Barleventos Islands (Windward Islands) or the Sotaventos Islands (Leeward Islands) you are in, there is a constant drum of music to soundtrack your stay, embodying the alluring style of life within these islands.

Shopping Cape Verde


9. Fointainhas Village in Santo Antão

With glorious green valleys, towering mountain tops and dramatic canyons, Santo Antão has become a hikers favourite. The views of this spectacular island are second to none if you enjoy basking in the beauty of natural landscapes. 

The incredible Fointainhas Village in Santo Antao, Cape Verde


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