8 Reasons You Wouldn't Want To Go To The Algarve

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Sarah Hymers
8 Reasons You Wouldn't Want To Go To The Algarve

Portugal has always been a popular holiday destination. With culture, cuisine and hidden coves, you may have been tricked to believe that the Algarve is your dream destination. We feel it's our obligation to share the shocking truth about The Algarve before you go and book your trip...so here are 8 VERY VALID reasons not to visit:


1. There's just too many amazing surf spots

With some of the best surfing spots in Europe, the Algarve offers wicked waves for surfers of all levels. With lessons on several of the beaches you could become a pro in no time… but that all sounds like a lot of effort so maybe just relax on a beach instead.

Surfing in the Algarve


2. It's filled with old, run-down buildings

These Roman ruins date back to 1st century AD and are believed to have been a villa with underground heating and mosaic pools. You can step back in time by exploring the historical side of Portugal, but we're sure it's all just really boring.

Milreu Ruins in the Algarve


3. There are so many beaches and coves, you're going to get lost...

Here comes the worst thing about Portugal, they have loads of hidden beaches and coves that are empty. It’s all golden sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters with nobody there. You would have the place to yourself… how awful does that sound! Yeah, no thanks.

Beach in the Algarve


4. It's one of those modern art places...

Pêra features the world’s largest sand sculpture event. You can walk around either during the day or the night discovering sculptures from Shrek to Willy Wonker. Don't bother though...you're just going to feel bad about your own sandcastle skills. 

Sand Sculpture Festival in the Algarve


5. It's overflowing with marine life...

Many parts of the Algarve offer boat trips around the caves to spend the day doing dolphin and whale spotting. Spend your afternoon watching the wildlife go by... doesn't that sound awful!!!

Dolphins in the Algarve


6. There are too many kids enjoying themselves...

With stomach-turning drops and thrilling rapids, the Algarve offers water parks featuring action-packed rides perfect for families. But why spend your day splashing about these water parks when you could be splashing about in the British weather. After all, there’s no place like home.

Waterpark in the Algarve


7. There's too much choice for food...

The Portuguese are famous for their seafood cuisine, and when it comes to fresh fish, they don't disappoint. But with such a huge variety of seafood dishes how are you supposed to choose?! This sounds like a nightmare...

Cuisine of the Algarve


8. There are all these empty bits of land...

One of the worst things about the Algarve is the nature reserves. All those untouched, breathtaking landscapes filled with nature and worst of all no Wi-Fi… how are we supposed to Instagram our every move?! Not to mention the sounds the wildlife is so annoying; you’ll soon be missing the soothing roar of the city.

Natural Reserve in the Algarve


Ok, so maybe the Algarve isn't such a bad idea after all... 

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