5 Things You Might Not Know About The Algarve

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Felicity Brown
5 Things You Might Not Know About The Algarve

We love the Algarve. It's our second most popular region with our renters and we can totally see why. With its laid-back lifestyle, affordable food and drink, SuperBock beer, great weather, beaches... and famous cats. Yeah, that's right, read about Mr No Ears and other whacky facts about this wonderful area of Portugal here...


1. In Albufeira, there is a street cat which has over 22,000 likes on Facebook

Mr No Ears lives in a colony in the cliffs of Albufeira in the Algarve. It seems that everyone in the area knows this lovely chap. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone missing and many fans fear abduction – we hope Mr No Ears gets home safe soon!

Mr No Ears - the street cat from Albufeira
Facebook - Mr No Ears


2. The Algarve is home to a strong liquor called ‘Aguardente de Medronho’ or ‘Firewater’

It’s a strong spirit, a traditional fruit brandy from Portugal, harvested from the Medronho trees of the Algarve and Alentejo which grow wild on the poor soils. The farmers who hand-produce this strong stuff – 48% alcohol – aren’t licensed but the authorities ignore this because they want to keep the tradition alive!

Firewater from Algarve Portugal


3. The Algarve’s Ocean Revival Project, made of 4 sunken decommissioned warships, is the largest artificial reef structure in the world…

It has the ideal conditions to support the reproduction of marine life, and it is a spectacular diving destination!

Diving at Ocean Revival in Portugal


4. The Algarve is home to 5 out of 14 of Portugal’s Michellin-star chefs

If you’re a foodie, you don’t have to holiday in the city to find the best grub around. You can hit the beach during the day then hit up some world-class dining in the evenings. Try Henrique Leis or Sao Gabriel if you’re staying in Almancil. Chow down at Ocean Restaurant if you’re in Porches, Vila Joya if you’re in Albufeira, and Willie’s if you’re in Vilamoura.

Sao Gabriel Restaurante in the Algarve


5. There are natural thermal springs in the Algarve

Visit Caldas de Monchique to experience the healing powers of its heated waters. The famed waters reach 32 degrees C and are believed to cure rheumatism and respiratory issues.

Caldas Monchique

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