5 Reasons Why Thailand Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

“What makes Thailand such a wonderful location? The endless lush forests, urban vibes bouncing off every building and transport service in Bangkok, the rich culture in Chiang Mai and the star covered canvas of the night sky in Pai.

The small tranquil waves in the southern gulf, the vivid cliffs breaking out to greet visitors of the Andaman sea. The friendly helpful faces of the locals when you need directions, the same ones who will gladly share a smile with you while you attempt your best to say “thank you” in Thai, using your best accent. The proving ground where you get to see how well you can handle real spicy foods. Rapidly understanding that something sweet and creamy like Cha Yen will help put out any fire that Khua Kling starts in your belly.

Thailand brings together all of these elements in one country. This combination of welcoming and eye-opening ingredients all in one proud nation is what truly makes it sensational. I now understand why some consider this destination on the road well-travelled - this a land where good things don’t just pass by as moments, but instead remain with us as memories and experiences for life”

-Joe, The Thai Experience

Without a doubt, Thailand is one of the most beguiling and magical locations in all the world. With its ethereal beauty, vibrant city life and tantalising cuisine, it’s little wonder that once people have visited this wonderful country, they can’t help but return again and again.

To give you just a glimpse of what beautiful Thailand has to offer, we’ve listed 5 things you must make sure you experience on your Thailand travels, but beware, you might find you never want to come home after!

The Sensational Food

Traditional Thai food

You’ll find great food in all of Thailand of course, but for a true treat you must visit The Thai Experience in Koh Sami. This wonderful company strive to make dining truly authentic and focus on all the things that mealtimes in Thailand are about, which is excellent food and great company! With a large communal dining table able to seat twenty guests, you get to experience the delights of Thai food (and cocktails!) with the added benefit of an easy means of meeting fellow travellers and sharing stories.

Better yet, if you’re looking for a more private affair for you and your friends, then the Thai Experience can come and cater for you at your villa! No matter what your culinary needs or what type of evening you’re after, the Thai Experience is there to give you the real deal.

Some of the most popular dishes include slow cooked pork in black pepper sauce, white snapper papillote and the sublime coconut panna cotta with mango and cinnamon jam.

Stop the salivating and get booking!

The Iconic Architecture

Wat Rong Khun

You’ll find a world of history and architectural pioneering in Thailand, and any traveller worth their salt would be seriously missing out on visiting some of the key sites in which these structures sit.

Undoubtedly, a firm favourite to see is the Grand Palace. This stunning piece of architecture is the soul of Bangkok and no visit to Thailand is complete without basking in its magnificence. The historic home of Thailand’s King and Queen for 150 years, it now sits as an opulent example of Thailand’s beauty and attention to detail, welcoming visitors to explore and admire it.

For a more modern and gothic look at what Thailand’s architecture can be, you have to visit the Wat Rong Khun, or the White Temple as it’s often called. Designed and owned by Chalermchai Kositpipat, this Buddhist style temple is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, creating a magical and bizarre place you have to see to believe.

These are just two examples of the wonders you’ll find in Thailand, trust us, there’s plenty more and the photos don’t do them justice-go!

The Authentic Thai Massages

Thai massage

A Thai massage is very different to typical western versions of massage, involving pressure points, pulling and the masseur will often use their whole body to achieve their goals. It’s not what you might call a gentle form of massage, but it certainly is a relaxing one, with travellers coming away feeling much less tense and devoid of all the knots that days of walking and gawping often leave you with!

You will find classic massage parlours in all of the key holiday destinations in Thailand for reasonable prices, so why not treat yourself just that bit more?

The Beautiful Beaches

Railay Beach

You don’t have to roam too far in Thailand to stumble across yet another beautiful beach, but perhaps the most beautiful of all is the glorious Railay Beach. The soft sand is surrounded by a bay of limestone cliffs and offers some of the most breath-taking landscape views in all of Thailand. The water is wonderfully warm and perfect for swimming, while the beach itself is just the place to sit and sunbathe on. Trust us, nowhere does beaches quite the way Thailand does!

The Weather

woman swimming in the sea in Thailand

If you’re a sun bird you’re going to love Thailand. The hottest month typically is April which can reach a scorching 31°C meaning the sea temperature is also ideal for the water babies among you! Even better, January also reaches up to a sizzling 27°C meaning it’s ideal for some out of season sun! The coldest month is December which still manages to reach a modest 26°C and September tends to be the rainiest season so best avoided unless you’ve got your raincoat!

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