3 Tours You Must Try In Costa Blanca

Updated 9 March 2020 | by Nakita Mason

There are many tours and guided ventures available in Costa Blanca, and to help you choose from the many, we've listed three of the most popular ones, all of which are offered by the experienced and lovely people over at Costa Blanca Tours

1 Benidorm Segway Night Tour

"This weekend we did a Segway Tour through the Natural Park near Benidorm and it has been an unforgettable experience. Sergio, the guide, was very attentive when explaining how to drive the machines as well as explaining things about the city and the surroundings. Anyway, a very good experience. I would repeat again."-Tripadviser, Alisa. P

If you’ve never taken a Segway tour, then Costa Blanca might just be the place to try it out! Speedy, nimble and best of all, less tiring than using your legs, Segway tours provide a quirky way of getting around while enjoying the views!

One of the most popular and novel ones you should try is the Benidorm Segway Night Tour. During this wonderful tour you get to enjoy the nocturnal beauty of the city, as well as seeing some of the most iconic sights the city offers. Some highlights include The Old Town, Rincón de Loix and Benidorm Palace. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

2 Valencia Tapas Tour

young woman eating tapas

Valencia is always worth a visit, with its pretty architecture and wonderful opportunities for art and culture, getting lost in Valencia for a week is both romantic and unforgettable. That said, there’s one other reason you have to visit and that’s for the tapas, and a tapas tour is a great way to get the best of the best!

Accompanied by an experienced guide, you’ll not only get to hear all about the history of this city and the various landmarks, but you’ll also get to stop at three different tapas bars. Combining history, culture and some excellent food, this tour is a must.

3 Alicante Quiz City Tour

woman in Alicante

Part walking tour, part game, this is one of the most fun ways of getting to know Alicante! Tour participants are split into groups and handed a map of the city and some questions to answer. You will have to visit some classic monuments of the city as well as try some local delicacies to solve the clues and the winning team will receive a prize! Neat, right? 

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