11 Things You Need To Do In Mauritius

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades

Beach in Mauritius

Offering a vibrant mix of culture along with some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, Mauritius is a destination not to be overlooked. Imagine a fusion of Asian, Indian, European and African culture and tradition, and then step into the dynamic and charming holiday life that Mauritius has waiting for you. Enjoy brilliant fantastic Asian cuisines, thrilling water sports, pristine beaches and endless natural beauty. Here are 11 things you just HAVE to do if you visit Mauritius...


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1. Experience some wonderful water sports

Watersports in Mauritius


2. Explore all the brilliant white sand beaches

Beach in Mauritius


3. Spend a day in the charismatic Port Louis

Port Louis in Mauritius


4. Visit the wondrous coloured earth of Chamarel

The colourful earth of Chamarel in Mauritius


5. Snorkel in the glistening Blue Bay

Snorkel in Blue Bay, Mauritius


6. Make sure you take some time to make new friends

Seascape background with dolphins in Mauritius


7. Trek through the captivating Tamarin Falls

Tamarin Falls in Mauritius


8. You might even spot some wildlife

Wildlife in Mauritius


9. Walk underwater at Grand Baie

Walk underwater at Grand Baie in Mauritius


10. Try some brilliant street food

Street food in Mauritius


11. Never get bored of the endless natural beauty on offer

Beautiful landscape in Mauritius


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