10 Reasons Why Lanzarote Is Definitely Not ‘Lanza-Grotty’

Updated 3 March 2020 | by Felicity Brown
10 Reasons Why Lanzarote Is Definitely Not ‘Lanza-Grotty’

Lanzarote may have gained a reputation for being a bit grotty. Some believe that the beaches are all sprinkled with washed-up rubbish and covered with tourists lazing on the beach, slowly turning a delightful shade of lobster… But look outside the tourist resorts and beyond the Irish bars, and you'll find a peaceful island with stunning natural scenery and plenty of traditional family-run tapas restaurants. Here's why you should give 'Lanza-Grotty' a try this summer...    

1. It’s the perfect island for sports-lovers and fitness freaks.

Lanzarote sport classes - La Santa Picture: clublasanta.co.uk    

2. There are cyclists everywhere and it’s no wonder – there are miles and miles of smooth road, and lots of beautiful volcano-pocked scenery to look at as you go.

Cycling in Lanzarote Picture: bikebox-online.co.uk    

3. There are some cracking surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing spots – reef and beach breaks alike – and all within an hour’s drive (because everything is within an hour’s drive on this tiny island).

Surfing in Lanzarote Picture: lanzasurf.com    

4. There is an excessive amount of wind – so put it to good use and go hand gliding or paragliding.

Hand gliding in Lanzarote Picture: YouTube    

5. César Manrique turned the island into a hub of art, tradition and culture.

Sadly, he died in 1992 - but he's left behind a vision for Lanzarote based on art and nature, and a tourism model that works in sync with the environment, rather than against it. Manrique's house and the Cesar Manrique Foundation art galley are both well worth a visit. Cesar Manrique Lanzarote Picture: Wikipedia, spain-lanzarote.com & laprovincia.es    

6. The natural landscape will take your breath away – forget that image of the litter-strewn beaches in the south of the island.

Seascape in Lanzarote Picture: spain.info, travelthisearth.com & rootstraveler.com    

7. The architecture is all beautifully white-washed.

Architecture in Lanzarote Picture: lanzarotevisit.com    

8. The food is authentic and delicious - when you know where to look for it. Try La Cantina or Ikarus which are both  in Teguise.

Cuisine in Lanzarote Picture: lanzaroteinformation.com & TripAdvisor    

9. The wine is delicious and the grapes are grown out of volcanic ashes.

Wine from Lanzarote Picture: Wikipedia    

10. Teguise market - stock up on Aloe Vera products, leathers, traditional Canarian foods, and hand-woven baskets.

Market in Lanzarote

Picture: inzumi.com  

If this article has changed your mind about this magical little volcanic island, then have a look at our villas in Lanzarote.