10 Reasons Why Sorrento Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Will Bradley
10 Reasons Why Sorrento Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

  If you're still deciding where to go on holiday this summer, why not Sorrento? This underrated gem is located in the bay of Naples close to the Amalfi Coast and has everything that's good about Italy rolled into one charming town...    

1. It's beautiful.

Sip an espresso and gaze out mysteriously onto the turquoise sea...

Sorento Coast Picture: needanotherholiday.com


2. The food is unbelievable.

Pizza was invented in this region, they know they're stuff. There's also a dizzyingly wide range of fresh seafood dishes. Sometimes they even combine the two with the famous anchovy pizza...

Olive and Anchovy Pizza Picture: quickneasyrecipes.net


3. Good-looking Italian people.

They're everywhere...

dolce and gabbana beautiful italians Picture: gorgeautiful.com


4. Limoncello.

You find this nectar almost anywhere as it's produced locally. Careful though, a few of these and you're well on your way. Image

limoncello Picture: www.italysbestrome.com


5. Shopping.

Boutique shops line the cobbled streets whilst the marketplace sells unique wares and delicious food...

shopping in sorrento Picture: sorrentotourism.com


6. This 'secret' swimming pool.

Bagni della Regina Giovanna is just a short vespa ride away from the town center...

Regina Giovanna Baths Picture: swide.com


7. Ice cream.

Gelateria Primavera boasts 80 different flavours and a celebrity clientele including the Pope...the Pope knows his ice cream.

Picture: mireyatravel.wordpress.com


8. Scenic countryside nearby.

Go on a rural adventure and forget the world...

Sorrento ruins Picture: urbanghostsmedia.com


9) There's so much to visit nearby.

The stunning islands of Ischia and Capri are only a short boat ride away whilst a swift bus ride will get you to vibrant Naples and the archeological site at Pompeii.

Island of Ischia Picture: express.co.uk


10. It's cheap(ish).

All the class of Italy's coastal towns without the price tag. piggy bank       If serene Sorrento has got you desperate for a break on the Campania coastline, then check out our villas in Sorrento

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