10 Photos To Inspire a Holiday To Montenegro

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Emily Benton

seafront with sea and mountain views in Montenegro

A collage of medieval villages, rugged mountains and a picturesque coastline dotted with beautiful chapels and churches, Montenegro is a world away from your typical summer holiday. Venture off the beaten track and experience the unimaginable beauty of this natural landscape, among glacial lakes, rich forests and untouched beaches There are a plethora of reasons why you should go to Montenegro, but we're going to let these astonishing photographs do the talking... 


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1. Bay of Kotor

Surrounded by magnificent mountains, the Bay of Kotor is described as the only fjord of the Mediterranean. The best way to experience it's grandeur is to arrive by boat and take in it's natural beauty from the water.

Kotor Bay Montenegro


2. Island of Saint George

The tiny natural Island of Saint George is one of the two islands in the Bay of Kotor. It is home to a beautiful 12th century monastery. 

St. George Island Montenegro


3. Piva Canyon

The Piva River flows through Montenegro and is surrounded on either side by dense forest and limestone cascades. It is perhaps the epitome of Montenegro's natural beauty.

Piva Canyon Montenegro


4. Lovcen National Park

One of Montenegro's untouched National Parks, Lovcen is home to a 85 species of butterfly, a diverse number of reptiles and impressive mammals such as bears and wolves. These mountains are the perfect place for hiking and mountain-biking. 

Lovcen National Park Montenegro


5. Kotor 

The walls of Kotor were built in the 9th century and today, it's labyrinthine streets feature beautiful, romantic architecture and rich history. Want to stay right here? Click here to discover our villas and apartments in Kotor.

Kotor Montenegro


6. Architecture

The quintessential archetype of Montenegro has influences from Venetian, Ottoman and Roman times. The beautiful churches are certainly something to admire and like everything in this country, seem completely unique. 

Island Castle Montenegro


7. Sveti Stefan Island

This small island is now a stunning hotel resort, however very much retains it's traditional charming character. In the 15th century, the fortified village on the island was build to defend the Turks and was home to just 12 families. 

Sveti Stefan Island Montenegro


8. Ostrog Monastery

This impressive Monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church is nestled into the rock face of Ostroska Greda and dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog who is buried here. It is the most popular place in Montenegro, however as well as its rich history, it also features some incredible views.

Ostrog Monastery Montenegro


9. Durdevica Tara Arc Bridge

Build in the first half of the 20th century, this fantastic bridge stands 172m above the Tara River in the north of Montenegro. It was once the biggest concrete arch bridge in Europe at the time of it's completion. 

Durdevica Tara Arc Bridge Montenegro


10. Night-time falls in Kotor

As night time falls in Kotor, the walls of the fortified town are lit up. Next to the stillness of the Adriatic coast and the enormity of the mountains, we think you'll agree that there is something quite magical about this place.

Night Montenegro


Well, we're sold! Consider our bags packed and ready to go! Who is coming with us?!

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