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4 bedroom Runaway Bay villa to rent
October 2016

Villa ideal for families staff attentive and helpful views from villa stunning pool ideal walk down to beach around ten minutes local bar close by Flavours beach serving food nearby we managed to travel to Ochi Rios and Negril on local transport

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Renter: Eve
Eve Family from Bradford , United Kingdom
4 bedroom Runaway Bay villa to rent
December 2015

My family and I stayed at this propert for the Christmas and new year holiday of 2015-2016. It was absolutely wonderful. We have enough room for everything, the large varanda with a Panaramic view of the ocean, large pool, mango tree that we were able to pick mango from the varanda. I woke up to a view of the ocean every morning from my bedroom. This place is close to shops and restaurant. The only draw back was the road up to the villa but once we got to the villa it was well worth the drive up there. The owner Roger was very involved and tend to our every request. Junior was always available for whatever we ask of him. The first day we arrived Roger and Junior were there to greet us. Junior even went as far as giving us his personal meal because we were a little hungry and did not get anything to eat before checking in. I will definitely stay at Pegasus again as my husband said, Pegasus is the only place he'll stay when in Jamaica. Thanks Roger and Junior for being a wonderful host.

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Renter: Michael
Michael Family from Cincinnati, Usa
4 bedroom Runaway Bay villa to rent
March 2013

We went down to the property to celebrate my sisters birthday and it was great. We met the owner and he was great. The groundskeeper and the cook/housekeeper were wonderful. Even though the groundskeeper and the cook were there, we almost forgot they were there because they stayed in the background. The rooms were very comfortable, and the view from the balconies was superb. The villa was definitely great value for money. The experience met our expectations and the description was very accurate. I would most definitely recommend it to my friends, in fact I have already lol, and we were adequately looked after during our stay. We are definitely planning on going back before the end of the year.

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Renter: Nicola
Nicola Nicola from St. Andrew, Jamaica
4 bedroom Runaway Bay villa to rent
July 2012

Well where do I start with my review of villa Pegasus and my fantastic holiday In Jamaica! A holiday we promised ourselves for many years and it didnt disappoint, it was all I expected and a whole lot more!!! and that goes for the rest of the party Right from the start as we left the airport we were greeted with big smiles And friendly rapport, oh and the heat!! Our taxi driver a very lively chatty guy! (They all are!). Gave us the guided tour along the coast road, pointing out all the history furnished with a great storyline, even stopping off and showing us the sights, fantastic!! Upon arriving at the villa you drive up the bumpy road, I read this in previous reviews but to be honest it doesnt bother the locals nor did it us, Then you arrive! The place is fantastic! i thought the pictures looked good but this was quite a hit and then then we were Greeted by Junior and Lisa who took care of us for the 2 weeks, they did everything for us, above and beyond! Oh and mustnt forget Glen the gardener and pool guy who pops in frequently making sure alls well with the pool and harvesting fruit from the beautiful garden, which we all ate and drank! (Jamaican lemonade). Akee, pears, banana, breadfruit, 3 types of mango, cherries, I even spotted a melon near the satellite dish, all Jamaican gardens are like this and are self sufficient, All you need is some chicken!! The set out of the villa is great, we joked it was like a bond villains lair With 4 large double bedrooms mine being the master was fantastic, With a great walk in shower/bath, you couldnt have hoped for better. On booking the villa I mentioned to the owner I was thinking of getting married on our dream holiday, and his garden looked perfect, he said hed never done anything like this but would look into it for me, but warned me nothing moves quickly in Jamaica!! This I kept quiet from my partner all the way up to the holiday Every couple of weeks I received regular updat es from roger who excelled in every department, oh and Durrant!! his nephew who became our wedding organiser He did a fantastic job from start to finish and beyond, top Man! He booked the priests, photographer, and especially for arranging for the hotel next door to cook and prepare/serve our wedding meal which was out of this world! A big thanks goes out to Cardiff hall hotel! Did I mention the Jamaican wedding cake, oh my! My dream came true for me and my lovely wife we are forever grateful Well what do we do from here, I dont think I can tour Europe anymore after visiting Jamaica, and the Caribbean ! also the villa experience is far better than being being sheep in a hotel complex, we ate when we liked, ( thanks Lisa ! ) did what we wanted when we wanted, and really got stuck into Jamaica, using the local taxi £1.20 each no matter how far? $30 to ochi private, doing all the tours our way Mingling with the local community who are all very warm and friendly! inviting us to join them celebrating, they love to party, almost every night The place where the villa is situated is perfect as a base for all the sights Just up the hill but not far from the soul ! I could go on forever. But anyone envisaging going and need any tips I would be glad to help. All the best. Mr and mrs A Turner. Droylsden Manchester. England! Il be back !!

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Renter: Anthony
Anthony Anthony from Manchester, United Kingdom
4 bedroom Runaway Bay villa to rent
December 2010

I booked this property through villa renters last year, taking a chance on a new property. I have been a frequent visitor of Jamaica in the past three years and usually stay at the same villa, but the owners sold so I need new home away from home. I was extremely pleased when I arrived at the property. The grounds was the first thing I seen: they were gorgeous plentiful fruit trees and the 180 degree view of the Caribbean sea was wonderful. The villa itself was nice clean comfortable. The beds were great, thats one thing I look for in a villa is a comfy bed and they were great. The bathrooms were clean and very well maintained. The pool is a good depth for adults and good youth swimmers. I wouldnt recommend it for toddlers or small children. The deck was clean and well maintained. The furniture on the deck and inside the villa was very comfortable, and also very clean and fresh. The kitchen is small, but also clean and appropriately stocked with all things needed for cooking meals and making drinks. The grounds keeper and guardsman JR is excellent he makes sure hes there when you need him, also Lisa is very clean and always happy. I really enjoyed them during my vacation. The road up to the villa is being repaired so its not in the best condition but honestly no road in Jamaica is ..in the best condition. This property was awesome for the cost I feel that I got more than my monies worth. I would definitely stay again. Not to mention Roger the owner is great so are his parents, they are sweetest people.

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Renter: Patricia
Patricia Patricia from Buffalo Narrows, Canada
4 bedroom Runaway Bay villa to rent
February 2006

We had a great time in Youghal, the staff at the Quality Hotel were very nice and very helpful out of 7 days we had 4 beautiful days which we happily spent on the beach which was less than 2 mins away and the 3 rainy days were spent in the pool or up in the town overall we loved it and will deffinately be booking next year.

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Renter: Judy
Judy Judy from Halesowen, United Kingdom

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