Top 10 reasons to visit the beauty of Zadar in Croatia

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades

Zadar through a stone window

Welcome to the captivating seaside city of Zadar, a destination boasting historic ruins, medieval churches, brilliant cosmopolitan squares and gorgeous views over the glittering Adriatic. When you think of travelling to Croatia you may think of Dubrovnik, Split or Hvar, but this wonderful little city has a very big character and is just waiting for the chance to charm anyone who visits...


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1. Simply strolling through Zadar's gorgeous sun-kissed streets is enough to give you a feel of the vibrant culture that exists here....

Zadar's sun-kissed street


2. Follow your feet and you might just end up at the famous Church of St. Donatus, Croatia's largest Byzantine church.

Church of St. Donatus Byzantine church


3. You can climb the brilliant bell tower of St Anastasia's cathedral for a staggering view of the city and sea.

St Anastasia's cathedral Zadar Croatia


4. Enjoy stolen flavours from a succession of invaders from the Greeks to the French! Croatia's delicious culinary culture will definitely not disappoint.

Croatian meal in Zadar


5. Galavant through the colourful daily food markets selling cheese, olive oils, wines, fruits and more.

Markets in Zadar


6. No visit to Zadar is ever complete without a stroll down the beautiful Riva waterfront.

Riva front in Zadar
Photo by: xbrch


7. Join hundreds in watching the sun cast its amber glow over the riviera.

Watch the sun go down over the riviera in Zadar


8. Once the sun is down, enjoy the psychedelic light show provided by the wonderful solar-powered 'Greeting to the Sun'.

Solar-powered Greeting to the sun
Photo by: Tamara Kulikova


9. You can venture outbound to some of Croatia's gorgeous national parks. Krka is the closest with some of the most mesmerising waterfalls to swim in!

National Park Krka water falls
Photo by: Anton_Ivanov

10. Listen to the mesmerising melody of the sea at Zadar's  sea organ, a monument designed by local architect Nikola Bašić. An impressive system of pipes and whistles are set within some stones steps, that lead into the sea and create a soothing, hypnotic chime .

Zadar sea organ


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