Top 10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades

Known as 'the pearl of the Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka is home to endless natural beauty and vibrant culture. Whilst it's vast allures are widely unknown to holiday-goers and sun-seekers, Sri Lanka is considered a paradise island by many. Whether you explore its wonderful natural landscape or inner cities, you're bound to be dazzled, charmed and enamoured by its bountiful offerings! Here are 12 reasons to stop what you're doing and visit Sri Lanka...


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1. ...full of wonderful art, culture and history

Explore an exquisite showcase of religious art and traditional architecture.


2. Explore the wondrous site of Sigiriya

Probably Sri Lanka's most breathtaking attraction, learn why this UNESCO heritage site was nicknamed 'the Lion Rock'.


3. Visit the hills that harvest tea for the majority of the world...

Head to the colonial retreat of Nuwara Eliya, or 'Little England' for a taste of some of the worlds best tea!


4. Then taste it for yourself!

You can't visit and not at least try some of the wonderful flavours on offer here, from mango to cinnamon and cardamom.


5. Explore the Yala National Park

Besides its large population of leopards, Yala National Park is home to myriad colourful, extravagant animals.



6. Venture out to the ocean and meet some whales

Swap land for sea and find yourself captivated by these majestic mammals! Head to Dondra Point for the best views.


7. Only for the brave!

This brilliant island offers plenty of snorkelling opportunities for those that crave a closer look.


8. Taste the delightful traditional flavours of the island

Inheriting Arabic and European flavours from early colonialists, combined with an East Asian heritage, expect something special from these colourful dishes.


9. Surf the waves or sleep on the sand

Whilst Sri Lanka is a paradise for beginner surfers, its golden beaches offer a perfect spot to enjoy the weather, the views and the fabulous sunsets.


10. Discover the captivating ruined city of Polonnaruwa

Head here to experience some of the island's best architecture and ancient art and ruins, including the giant Buddha statues.




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