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Discover the best time to visit Alicante weather-wise. 

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
January 17 ° C6 ° C
February18 ° C7 ° C
March 20 ° C8 ° C
April21 ° C10 ° C
May24 ° C14 ° C
June28 ° C18 ° C
July30 ° C21 ° C
August31 ° C21 ° C
September29 ° C19 ° C
October25 ° C15 ° C
November20 ° C10 ° C
December18 ° C7 ° C

So, there you have it. Our fair-weathered friend Alicante sees comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Alicante and its Costa Blanca neighbours enjoy highs of up to 31 ° C in August. Come January time, temperatures tend to plateau at around 17 ° C but it can get as low as 6 ° C on windier evenings. 

Beach in Alicante province

As a city by the sea, many of you will want to head down to Alicante's coastline. The summer months are by far the most popular but remember that September holidays in Alicante also see highs of 29 ° C. Push back your holiday to September and you'll experience pleasant temperatures on both land and sea, with sea temperatures reaching around 25° C. 

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