The 7 Best Things To Do In Praia Da Luz

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

What's not to love about Praia da Luz? This small seaside town is famous for sandy beaches, endless sunshine and low-key holidays. We sent blogger KerryLifeAndLoves out to explore this western Algarve resort town. We've joined forces with Kerry and MyGuideAlgarve to bring you the very best things to do in Praia da Luz. 


1. The glorious beaches

Praia da Luz beach
Photo credit: KerryLifeAndLoves

Situated on the western part of The Algarve coastline, Luz and its neighbouring villages are small, low key and fairly unspoilt. Traditionally a fishing village, Praia Da Luz’s beaches are sheltered by the huge Rocha Negra basalt headland, creating a peaceful and calm stretch of soft sandy beach. ... Luz is a fabulous, relaxed base to explore this beautiful side of the Algarve - KerryLifeAndLoves 

2. Visit the Roman Ruins 

Be sure to explore the beachfront Vila da Luz ruins. Here, you'll find the remains of a purpose-built 3rd-century Roman spa, which also feature a separate area designed for fish salting tanks.

3. Dine at Fortaleza Da Luz

Fortaleza restaurant
Photo credit: KerryLifeAndLoves

Situated right on the headland, overlooking the rugged landscape of the cliffs and gorgeous, uninterrupted views of the sea, its a beautiful spot. The restaurant boasts an open air terrace that makes you feel like you are floating above the sea, and the gardens are filled with colour and native plants. The view is spectacular and Mum and I enjoyed a jug or two of sangria here - KerryLifeAndLoves 

4. Spend a day at Slide and Splash 

If you're holidaying in Praia Da Luz, you need to take the kids to Slide and Splash. Whizz down the slides, float about or simply just bob around - it's your holiday... 

5. Visit Lagos 

Lagos beach

Nearby Lagos makes for the perfect day trip. This cultural resort town has got plenty going for it from its gorgeous beaches and bustling markets with a real hearty Portuguese atmosphere. How they fit it all within the solid 16th-century town walls is anybody's guess...

6. Enjoy all the watersports

Child surfing

Praia Da Luz offers loads of watersports in the summer season. We're talking about water skiing, surfing windsurfing, snorkelling and wakeboarding to name a few. More of a land lover? That's the beauty of being able to watch from the beach.

7. Stick around for spectacular sunsets

Catch the last of the day's rays shine out over the ocean from the promenade. 

Villas in Praia Da Luz

With thanks to KerryLifeAndLoves - read all about her Clickstay press trip review. She stayed in this fantastic apartment in Praia Da Luz. 

Thank you also to MyGuideAlgarve for the recommendations.